Here I am, La La la, NOT WORRYING

I already posted this over on G+.

But I’m going to be up til like 5am, so Hello Computer:

Sair is off at midnight her time, to go do late night vigil at Zuccotti Park.
She has promised to head home before 6am, with the city announcing it will clear the park at 7am.
Because I have explained about planning to be arrested, and doing non-violent resistance training ahead of time and all.
And she has agreed she is not ready to do illegal things or to be arrested.

So I am so trying to not think about the likelihood they may just decide to move in at 3am, just for lols.
Or surround the entire area and arrest everyone at random, since that’s also always fun.

I did say that if she thought she should go, to do it.
(“If I believe in what they are doing and I don’t go, that’s sort of shit, isn’t it?”)
Just please phone me when she gets in, before she crashes.
So, I’m up with the phone til 4am, not worrying
Behold me not worrying.

Why might I worry,

Well, how about this?


This is from last week, but it’s not like the leopard has changed its spots since then.

They’ve identified the guy with the spray can.

He’s a detective.

They have a police commission that is investigating him. I’m sure that will go well.

EDIT: Is back to her apartment and fine. Is going back tomorrow. Said sensible things.


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  1. ACKK!!!
    and wow, good that she’s home and OK.
    And saying sensible things.

    I can’t look at the video right now, will in a little bit.


  2. My son was in NYC when #OccupyWallStreet was just getting started. He told his sister he wanted to visit the protests. I said to her, “He didn’t go in there and start waving a sign or sit in the street, did he?” No, Mom, he just wanted to see what was going on. But my heart stopped for a second: an arrest in New York means time in New York jails, plus another mark on his spotted record. And even his thick skull isn’t police baton-proof.

    I’m glad Sair didn’t camp out there. Mayor Bloomberg backed down this morning, but it sounds like he’s responding to complaints from all his friends on Wall Street who can’t use the restroom at McDonalds on account of all the protesters lined up there. Also, cops have been taking surveillance photos of the protest, probably for use in future court cases if they decide to press charges against people who have been arrested. It’s not looking good for the #OWS group.


  3. I’m glad she’s ok!


  4. They always do photos.
    It’s an intimidation thing.
    Not so much immediate arrest as “we’ve got a file on you.”
    At least Saturday won’t be at 2am.


    • It’s not just an intimidation thing. My son says the police in Olympia routinely photograph people participating in demonstrations, even if they’re doing nothing more than holding up signs. Later, if they do arrest you, they pull out those photos and say, “We know you’re a left-wing terrorist/anarchist/whatever we want to smear you with.” Judges often won’t buy that as evidence, but some do.

      It’s made it really hard to take photos at public events in Olympia, however. When I was taking pictures of the Gay Pride parade there, I had someone come up to me and demand to know if I was a cop or newspaper reporter. (One recently handed his photos over to the police after his camera was sprayed with black paint, which is a violation of journalism ethics.) I played clueless Japanese tourist, but you know people have been hurt when they don’t even trust a middle-aged woman with a point-and-shoot camera.


  5. Posted by Margy Rydzynski on October 14, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    Stay safe. Glad to hear your son is okay. Glad to hear that the city backed down.


    • Sair’s my girl.
      But I’d worry about a boy too.
      And, it’s not over.

      I know I can’t just lock her in the house,
      and I’m proud of her.
      But it was easier when she was, like, three.


  6. Good. Glad to hear she is in her apartment and fine.

    But, this mess isn’t clearing up any time soon. Who knows where it will lead. I am reading the book “The Help” right now…and that was only in the 60s, when the Civil Rights movement fought so hard. So many people and peoples’ lives hurt/ended/turned upside down…but a lot of change has come about since then. We do keep trying to do better.

    (I love the book by the way!)


  7. I turned on the news this morning and they were focused on Civic Center Park in Denver. I thought that maybe a riot was starting, but they were shutting down the park to protesters. I was glad it didn’t turn crazy. I hope Sair stays safe when she goes back


  8. laou…. thinking of you and Sair + HG and her son!

    I would be worried sick…. and the photo thing is scary.

    hoping for good news for you – and for the protesters as well. (I just finished a novel that featured some slimy characters doing insider trading and feel like the real-life bastards should all be in jail.)


  9. Here’s good thoughts for Sair’s safety, lauo. Don’t worry about her–she’s her mother’s daughter and has good judgment.

    I’m wondering how long it will take before the cops, city workers, etc start supporting the protestors…


  10. Posted by aubrey on October 16, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    So, SO glad Sair is safe, sensible and secure with you, lauo. Very gratified that these protests have been peaceful for the most part – no one is heard through a racket. (though being 1/2 Italian, I’m a little embarrassed by the car fires and window-breaking in Rome)


    • Actually, she is safe and secure all alone in her first all-her-own apartment in New York.
      (See how good I am at not freaking out?)
      Evidently she did go off with the people at the Citibank thing, but did not go into the building and get locked in and arrested.
      Or get pulled inside, because of being near the door.
      I’m thinking of this as a sign of relatively good sense.
      (I am continuing to not freak out.)
      It isn’t over.

      The Italian stuff?
      Ppretty much everyone, including people there I actually know who were at it, say it was outside people invading a peaceful event.
      Families and such, then suddenly people in helmets and masked.
      With discussion of possible government collusion.


      • Posted by aubrey on October 16, 2011 at 10:13 pm

        Yes, I heard that a group broke away from the peaceful ones – it was too bad that they took the attention away from the event; it’s all the news mentions.

        I commend Sair’s good sense and your lack of freaking out – though not my inability to keep track where your child is living!


  11. Posted by Brown Suga' on October 17, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    Oh dear… I didn’t really help matters with my Google+ comment the other day, did I?



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