Ah, the US news

“It’s Safe to Go Outside: NASA Says Its Falling Satellite Will Miss the U.S.”

Or so says the New York Times.


Apparently it’ll just come down on maybe Canada or China or Australia.

So, um, you guys maybe stay inside tonight?


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  1. Last night they were saying it was going to miss the U.S.
    This morning they changed their minds and said it was a possibility.
    Now, they are saying it’s safe to go outside.
    With a 1 in 3,400 chance of it bopping me in the head I do believe that I will look skyward before venturing out into the wide open where I might look like a target from up above. (Well, I suppose if I had on any color other than red and white…)


  2. It’s down now. I saw it on the news. Apparently it went into the ocean, as one would expect in a planet that’s 70% covered in water.


    • I was pretty much figuring that.
      But I love the “it’s not going to hit us, so it doesn’t matter any more” aspect of the US reporting.
      Kinda embarrassing.


      • It’s like after every natural disaster that occurs “over there”…that is “not here”….the news story is usually “What if it DID happen here?”

        Not, oh my gosh, those poor people…but “what if it happened to US??”



  3. *eyeroll*
    Thank dawg no US citizens were hit. 😛


  4. Crap! I guess I can let my wife back in the house now …


  5. ::sigh::

    One of these days….


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