A Slightly Weird Thing

I’m just posting this. Not even telling Tom, because 1) he’ll think I’m slightly cracked (true, but not relevant), and 2) it’s all very tender feeling just now.

But this is the third time something like this has happened in the past two days.

I was in the kitchen, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a small dark shape come around the corner.

“Hi Sextus,” and went to pat him, and no one there.


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  1. I feel kinda bad for asking this, but is Sextus still among the living? (I have a hard time of keeping track of everyone’s cats now and then)


  2. you didn’t think that Boe was just going to leave, all at once


  3. It’s not weird. Cats and dogs and other pets will stick around after their earthly forms have passed, just to make sure you’re okay.

    I stopped telling most of my friends, who are agnostic/atheists, and even my kids, that I’ve seen our past pets or felt them jump onto my bed. They all think I’m in denial or need therapy. But I am not going lie about having seen one of our cats run across the kitchen floor, then disappear under the table, or feel our old dog jump on my bed and bounce the mattress.

    I don’t ascribe to any particular religion, but after what I’ve seen, I believe in an afterlife. And now I’m going to shut off the computer and hide.


  4. Very cool.


  5. I have been seeing dark shapes out of the corner of my eye for about a week now. It is a bit disconcerting as I feel like this ‘thing’ is out there ready to pounce on me if I don’t spot it soon enough.


  6. It gives me so much comfort when one of these incidents occurs. A reminder that there are so many worlds out these beyond what we can see. Doc and probably quint ate still visiting. 🙂


  7. Not weird at all, lauo. It’s probably Boe letting you know he’s still hanging around. You’re not crazy, only perceptive. Besides, maybe Tom has seen him too..


  8. Of course it’s Boe. He may have told Quint to help too.

    My father was the least spiritual person ever. But even he saw their old kitty walk across the TV room.

    Kitty was buried in the back yard underneath a bunch of pavers. He had hated snow his whole life, and every time it snowed, that one block stayed clear even if everything else was covered.

    Good kitties don’t leave.


  9. I’ve been experiencing something similar. Tweets was much floofier than his brother Tashi and his coloring was different, but several times in the last month Tashi has walked towards me and for a split second, I saw Tweets instead. I don’t know what to make of it, except that I miss Tweets. I’ve seen him in the window when I come home, too, but I know he’s not there.



  10. “Oh, baby (ooh, baby)
    It’s making me crazy (it’s making me crazy)
    Every time I look around
    Every time I look around (every time I look around)
    Every time I look around,
    It’s in my face.

    How bizarre.
    How bizarre, how bizarre.”


  11. I just saw the post about your loss. I’m so sorry. And I’m sure that he’s lingering ’round, checking in on you. (((((((HUGS)))))))


  12. Posted by Freedom Smith on September 22, 2011 at 11:46 am

    *hugs* I think you are just fine. Judging by the other comments, this is a common occurrence.


  13. Posted by aubrey on September 22, 2011 at 11:45 pm

    You will be seeing this Sextus a few more times, I think. Boe, happy now and reclining in the clouds, has chosen an agent to visit his grieving owner.

    He is not far; the next time you hear thunder, in fact, listen closely. What does it REALLY sound like?


  14. ((((((hugs)))))))


  15. My kitty Ollie jumps on my bed at night before I go to sleep like he always did. I then check and see no one is there.

    They love us so much they become our Kitty Angels


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