I haz a very sad

The Boe kitty and I are awaiting the visiting vet.

It’s been two years, pretty much, since I first noticed the weird bump on his jaw, and I guess he’s made a good run of it. Last year when Sair went off to school, I thought she was saying good-bye, but since then he’s eaten moths, and stared down kittens for his treats, and pretty much figured out about being mom’s favorite.

Last night he purred when I patted him, and then went upstairs to hang out with Tom for a while for more pattings. (Nothing like someone trying to work to attract a cat.)

This afternoon he walked into the kitchen to use his box, and when he stepped down, his rear end Β just stopped working.

Dang the boy, he’s already working on figuring out how to just drag himself around. He’s perplexed by the need, though, and discussing it with me.

The hardware on this cat utterly sucks, but he is so damned awesome. Best boy ever.

If it were only this thing with the legs, I would be figuring out how to fit him with wheels, but his entire jaw is pretty much dysfunctional now, and he’s wasted away to almost no cat at all. I don’t think he’s having much fun.

It’s time.


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  1. oh no. nao i haz a very sad too, LW, for you and for dear noble Boe. I hope it’s soon, so he can fly away a free boy. (((((hugs)))))


  2. Sad I am too. I hope you’re not alone while you’re waiting for the vet. That’s the hardest moment ever. Give the pretty boy a hug for me and let him turn into sunshine, as jaypo once told me about my girl Eliza.


  3. Poor Boecat. I’m glad he gets to go at home on a sunny day. He remains a mystery.

    (Brunch the 25th in memory of Good Cats?)


  4. Once upon a time there was an enchanted creature who lived his own fairy tale. He came from another place, and another form, like Han Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, but he longed to come to this place and be an earthly Cat. But like the mermaid, he could only have that enchantment with certain conditions. Because you know that’s how enchantments go. The mermaid couldn’t speak, and Boe would only be given a short time. One charmed amount of time before his kneecaps started giving him trouble. The big sand-glass back in his Other Place counting time was telling him that the enchantment was running low. But if that was the sign to go back, Boe wouldn’t go. He carried on with a limp, Being a Cat and charming others, because that’s what he was here for, and he would make the most of it. As he stayed longer the more signs he got that he had to return. A bump appeared on his jaw, something that doesn’t happen in a young cat, but he was only young to us. But Boe wouldn’t go. He kept on having as many good times as he could squeeze in, jaw and all and just Being a Cat. Then Boe’s back end retired on him and it was most perplexing. He still wanted to stay and play, but it finally was more than he could do to outlast the magic.

    In the manner of all fairy-tale spells, Boe’s enchantment reached its end and he had to return to his other place and his other form, which is still a mystery to us. But he had Been a Cat, and he made it the Best Thing Ever.


  5. Awwww, so sad 😦

    What a cat. Tell him to find Bubba and all our other cat friends to let them know we say hi


  6. (((hugs))) go in peace little Boe.


  7. 😦 it’s very sad when this time arrives


  8. (((hugs))) I am SO sorry (((morehugs)))


  9. Awwww the poor thing. So sorry to hear about this.
    This is the type of thing I worry about for Elvy, he’s got a lot of life in him (the bugger ran me around the block last night!) but I’m afraid he’ll have problems with his back legs plus the Cushings and I won’t know what to do.
    Anyway. *hugs* to you and Boe.


  10. no words, just ((hugs)) for ya’ll.
    Boe-shaped holes in your heart are painful, but their memories make you smile.


  11. Being Boe the Mystery Boy, as soon as I posted last night he calmed down, ate a little babyfood, and curled up on his blankie.
    So I canceled the vet, since I couldn’t see waking him up to kill him, and we rescheduled for today.
    I slept down on the couch with him on my feet (heating pad under there too).
    He had a little water in the night, and bunches of kitty songs and kept adjusting to put his head on my leg, the way he liked it.
    Around 8am he stopped breathing.
    He never did like the vet anyway, stubborn boy.
    His way, his timing.


  12. Lauo, I’m sorry. It’s so awful hard to let go. 😦 (((((Big Hugs))))


  13. He left you that fond memory instead of being at the vets office. What a sweety-That’s special. (((more hugs)))

    …and what a wonderful story by Laurie!


  14. Aw, that is so much better. Stubborn till the end. Good Boe.


  15. Posted by Freedom Smith on September 16, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    I am so sorry! I am glad that he has lived a fun life! How old is he? *hugs* I know it hurts so much to lose him.


    • He was going on four.
      He’s had two years of this cancer.
      The median age of onset in cats is 12.
      In the spring, the neighbors called in animal services on him, thinking the jaw was from a car accident
      The local vet person where I picked him up listened to me for about two minutes, being all dubious and with her body language shouting “you weird stupid person,” then huffed off and talked to our vet.
      She came back and apologized for not believing me, but explained how really, really weird this is.
      They never did come up with a theory on the dissolving kneecaps.
      Mystery cat was always a mysterious mystery.
      Wrapped in an enigma and comfy blankie.
      But he made a good run of the lousy hand he was dealt.
      In August he caught and ate a Big moth, with great smugness and skill, and even this week he could still outface the boys to finish his baby food.
      I’m glad he was here.


  16. Oh dear. Tears running down my face, here.

    But what a strong spirit he is. Such an incredible story, Laurie.

    Bless you all. Our enchanted creatures have to leave us until we can catch up to them.


  17. I was doing okay until I read the ‘around 8:00am he quit breathing’ that’s when the tears started.


  18. You never let him down once.You lifted him. And now you have let him go.
    Do not forget, Boe is not sick any more
    And don’t forget, you will see him again.


  19. Oh, gosh……


  20. I’m so sorry. 😦



  21. Lauo I’m so sorry for your loss. Holes in the heart never really fill in. I’m glad Boe had someone as sweet as you to spend his time here with.
    Big big big hugs to you.


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