In which our travel plans remain uncertain

In theory, Sair and I are flying out of Oakland Monday night, and arriving at JFK Tuesday morning.

Jetblue is busily getting passengers with flights up to midnight Monday to rebook, but seems to be assuming our plane will be able to arrive on Tuesday.

We shall see.

And also shall see what we find on arrival.

The basic plan is that we turn up with suitcases at her empty apartment, go by a foam mattress, and start moving her school stuff out of storage.

Her apartment – East Village – looks as if it should be high and dry, the storage facility is in the light yellow part of the map (“B”), which conceivably could have flooding. Am not happy.

I am continuing to prepare for the trip, and watching the news, and thinking.

I will pack noms and flashlights and the like, and hope that maybe things won’t be worst-case, but merely damp and confused.

NYU has rescheduled freshman move-in day from Sunday to Monday, so at least the campus plans to be open by Monday, and presumably we can go there to get water and the like, if needed.




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  1. I was going to suggest The World’s Best French Toast tomorrow noonish, but looks like you guys will be super-busy packing and watching weather and airlines.

    Supposedly by Monday, anything that’s still standing will be back to normal. So by Tuesday NYC should be back to “fuggedaboutit”.


    • Dang… yeah, tomorrow has much driving about scheduled.

      Am hoping for yer basic “fuggedaboutit.”
      Monly real concern is that depending on what happens in zone “B” the storage space may be screwed up.
      Probably not actually Sair’s stuff, which requires ladder access, but the basic functioning of the place.
      So we may be camping for a while before things pull together.

      Oh, and things like if the water isn’t functional and the like.
      Am working hard on LALALA it is going to be fiiiine… with like harmonic additions of “surely NYU knows it will be fine, or they wouldn’t let the freshmen come on Monday” and the like.


  2. consider bringing an inflatable mattress.. dunno with the evacuations – foam mattresses could be in short supply locally.


  3. You probably have heard by now that New York is shut down for the weekend. The subways and train stations are closed, and the sections of the city facing the Harbor, like Battery Park, have been evacuated. There’s been no promise that things will be up and running on Monday, according to my older daughter, who lives just blocks from one of the evacuation shelters. The worst of the storm is predicted to hit NYC Sunday, and the biggest fear is flooding and loss of power. The few grocery stores in Manhattan were packed with panic shoppers on Friday and many of them are now closed because they can’t restock. Batteries and bottled water were the most popular items: my son-in-law stopped at some electronics store on the way home and bought this 100-count case of AA batteries for their gadgets and flashlight, but their flashlight runs on D batteries….and he’s supposed to be an electronics geek.

    The NY daughter also thinks Ikea is best for buying stuff like mattresses and household goods, but you’ll have to have everything delivered, since you won’t be able to carry anything on the subway if it was running anyway. But please be careful—even if you’re able to make into JFK on Tuesday, the city is likely to be a mess, flood or no. Bring money for a taxi, and be prepared to sit in traffic.


  4. Inflatable mattresses from places like Costco or Sam’s Club work extremely well and are quite inexpensive for emergencies! (they float, too! :P)

    Prepare as best you guys can and then consider everything else an “adventure”! It’s a once in a lifetime hurricane according to the Weather Studs! 😉

    Really though….be safe and I hope there is not a whole lot of drama! Hugs!


  5. Good luck, I hope everything will be ok!


  6. Crossing my fingers for you guys!


  7. Posted by Freedom Smith on August 30, 2011 at 10:32 am

    I hope things have gone well on the move it!!!


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