Fingers crossed, am NOT being paranoid

The girls are going off to Calistoga to sit in hot springs and get mud baths and do wine tastings.

I am assuming it will all be okay. After all, Calistoga advertises itself as gay-friendly. (Background noise, very loud LA LA LA LA, San Francisco ATT Park I am looking at you!)

Am working very hard to consider that tourist country likes to keep things nice, and therefore I should NOT WORRY.

So I am struggling with the desire to wrap them both in cotton wool and lock them up  safe in the house where no one will be mean. Though I know it not only can’t but shouldn’t be done. And am also trying to work out a reminder that it is a big bad world out there full of lots of people who pointlessly hate them.But that suggests implicitly that somehow being who they are is the problem.

I will not tell them not to be who they are, or to suggest to them that they should do anything other than just walk around like two lovers holding hands, because they are so very happy to be together.  I just don’t want anyone accusing them of scaring the children. Damn it, hateful people suck, and I hate them when they scare my children.




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  1. Oh lauo….I know exactly what you mean. We SO want them to have life be wonderful for them. The girls know that there are plenty of people who love them. Many many more than the number who might “hate” them. If only the “hating” didn’t hurt so much. They will be fine and grow strong and be free.


  2. I hear you on wanting to protect them—but you can’t, especially when they’re adults and want their own lives. If it’s any comfort to you however, Calistoga is populated by old hippies and gay couples who got tired of city life and moved to the city to start cute B&Bs and cafes. The vibe is laid back and live and let live. I could grumble that it’s a mostly white town, but everyone was nice, nobody stared or made dumb comments like “Wow you speak good English for a ____” (fill in whatever ethnic group you think I resemble).

    They’ll have a wonderful time and hopefully will forget about AT&T Park (boo Giants). Take a deep breath, mom. 🙂


  3. Am breathing.

    I am virtually certain it will all be fine, it’s just that, you know, one’s kid never really ever stops being five in your head..
    And what kind of mother leaves a FIVE year-old alone in a strange place like that.
    I do know better, of course, it’s just how it feels.


  4. It’s difficult to think of them as adults, but I’m sure they’ll be fine. There is a lot of hate out there- everywhere- so I can understand, but they’ll be with a crowd and I’m sure security will be high if it’s an event. Try not to worry, mommy 🙂 and I miss yoooou! (((hugs)))


  5. (((Lauo)))


  6. ((((((hugs)))))) They’ll be fine, I’m sure. Being in love is quite the shield from stupid people – you just don’t notice.


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