In Which Things Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

Srsly – Party time in my right kidney! Camera and laser and catchy basket thingy for pieces!

For this I had full-out, unconciousness-inducing, tube down the throat anaesthetic. A bit scary in itself, but you just jump in and let them process you and it is (pretty much) ok.

Except that my body really, really didn’t approve of all this, and what with the five bruised bits from all the ivs (two separate admissions last week!) it took three tries to find a place to get the iv in. And apparently putting the tube in my lungs involved “bronchical spasms” and there was something about my stomach as well, but I missed all that. The anaesthesia person said it all went well, but she was unexpected busy with it. (She was a reassuringly older, pretty obviously unflappable and cool lady. Very calming.)

Am home (YAY) with very little voice, a sore throat, another stent in – this one with a string dangling by which I get to pull it our Thursday morning. Basically it feels like the extreme phase of a UTI, but intermittently. And I have pills and pills and pills, and am flooding myself with popsicles and soup to keep everything flushed out for the next 48 hours. Basically an ouch bathroom run about every hour.

Sair and Alex and Tom are plying me with videos and aforementioned soup/popsicles/what have you. Am seriously not used to this. Hey, I had pleurisy in fifth grade, and I remember going down the stairs sliding on my butt to save my breath when I went to the kitchen make myself soup. Really, I was raised by wolves. Pampering the sick, what a really swell concept!

If soreness follows the nurse’s projection, tomorrow will continue iffy (THANK YOU CODEINE, btw), but Wednesday will be better.

Let’s not do this again.

Oh, vital statistics, a nice round thingy of 9mm diameter, but soft rather than hard. Urologist’s theory is that stone itself was growing the bacteria. They will tell me what it was made of, and advise me on ways to avoid repetitions, later.


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  1. Oh ow. I mean OWWWW.
    That all sounds exTREMEly not fun.
    (Except the anesthetic. I kind of enjoy that part. Not the vomiting afterwards though) πŸ˜›

    I am so glad you have so many willing servants. That makes things easier!

    Rest and feel better ASAP!!! Many hugs!!


  2. Ouch and wince and lol – sounds like your spirit is strong πŸ˜‰ Hope you heal fast and that all will be a-ok soon!


  3. Yay! you’re home!!! it will all be better now. Hope there’s an easy way to prevent repeats. Glad to hear your fambly are pampering you. 9 mm sounds rather large.. but I imagine soft is better than hard.


  4. Hoping you have a speedy recovery. Also, apply furry creatures topically — that helps with any medical issue.


  5. *shudder* Blehhh. I hope you never have to go through that again.
    Popsicles and soup aren’t too bad though. πŸ™‚ Doing any taste tests?

    Feel better soon!


  6. OUCH. I agree with Drude, 9 mm seems unusually large for a kidney stone. I hope after all the grief you’ve been through however, you’ll be back on your feet and feeling better.


  7. The urologists were all way into it.
    An extra guy came in to observe putting in the first stent, just for the lols.
    Sadly I don’t get to keep it for mounting over the fireplace.

    Am doing much better – the nausea is way, way down
    And I slept real sleep, a three hour hunk, and another one hour, and another one hour.
    So all broken up (codeine runs out), but real sleep

    Have watched Lord of the Rings all the way through three times now
    Excellent for the purpose, since besides just being really really good, it solves the what to watch next dilemma, in which people expect you to have an opinion.

    If all goes well, I will be “normal” by Friday.


  8. Nine mm sounds HUGE. Have you seen those exhibits of kidneys? The tubules are TINY…no wonder you was hurtin’!


  9. Well, my Tuxboy wants to remind you that at least you don’t have to wear a cone.

    But glad to hear it went well and even interested the doctors.


    • Tuxboys always have to do the one-upsmanship thing.

      Or, as we say of Boe, “He wins. Again.”

      This morning visiting Alex developed supercramps, Sair woke up witha stomachache, Boe was sitting on my feet being the zombie attack car, and we are all cracking up.

      At least Tom is available for picking up takeout and moar popsicles.


      • My tuxboy is such an idiot, I let him have these little victories.

        Could have brought meatballs Sun. but figured you had enough going on w/o us.


        • Would like to see you guys, but maybe in a week or so…

          Tuxboys do need their victories – Boe just extorted chicken from me.
          Boe wins, again!


          • We’re going GASP out of town soon. It’s the first time in tuxboy’s lifetime we’ll be spending nights away from home. That shows you how long it’s been since we had a vacation. I will probably be useless after that. BUT, we are resuming our monthly visits thither, so am hoping we can do fabulous French toast together next month?


  10. That’s what ‘appens to peeps who steals rumz y’know.

    You are extremely tough. But I’m so glad this didn’t happen 100 years ago. (eeeyaaagh cold shiver)


    • No No No
      Clearly I needz MOAR RUMZ!!!

      (Yep, am very happy to be doing this in the here-and-now. I mean, if I am to be doing it. Would much, much prefer NOT DOING THIS AGAIN.)


  11. Sending you many healing vibes! What an ordeal to have to go through! (((HUGS))) – but not too tight πŸ˜‰


  12. What a dreadful ordeal! I hope your recovery is going well. Sorry I am so late in commenting.

    At least being sick is a good excuse to cuddle kitties all day.


  13. I hope you are recovering quickly. I love codeine!


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