Unexpected Nastiness is Unexpectedly Nasty

Given the wire in my kidney, I didn’t get to go to the Giant’s game today, so I sent along Tom and Sair and Alex, and Tom’s cousin Peter,  to use my ticket.  And I stayed home and ended up sleeping through the game on tv.

And it should have been really a great day. Alex is visiting from Australia, and was excited about going to a baseball game, and trying to figure out what was going on, and generally only wanting to go and enjoy the day.  And ATT park is usually really a cool place.After all, the Giants did one of those ItGetsBretter videos. So no problem, right?

I mean, for example at the game itself they do things like this-The ATT Park Kiss Cam:

If you search on youtube you can find dozens of them. But no problem, right?

Well, apparently Sair had her arm around Alex’s waist at the game, sitting there with her dad and his cousin. They were necking, and not making out, though they did kiss standing up a couple of times when there was a hit. You know, sort of like the people in that video are doing.

A very uptight lady usher came over to tell them there were children around and they would be asked to leave if they didn’t stop upsetting them. At which point Sair, apparently, started weeping and Alex was holding her to comfort her. A second usher came by — Sair says basically he’d come over to be the Good Guy, but she was sufficiently unhappy that he really wasn’t helping things any. Basically everyone decided to just come home.


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  1. That’s appalling what that usher did! Isn’t SF supposed to be one of the places with the most gays in the US since, like, forever? I think a complaint to someone very high up in the Giants organization is in order. Sounds like lady usher is an anomaly if the other usher was coming over to be the good guy.


    • I think someone said something to the usher, and instead of asking what was the problem, she waded in.
      If I am functional tomorrow, I may try to communicate.
      Or not.
      I want to let Sair tell me what she wants, not just go off on my own here.
      (Alex needed a hug too)


  2. Wow. That is surprising and very, very sad. CHILDREN DON’T CARE. It’s the adults it is upsetting, not the kids. What BS. the kids of tomorrow, more and more will be brought up–if their parents will only say a few simple words to them such as “sometimes men have boyfriends and women have girlfriends and that is okay” to accept same sex relationships, so please, please please don’t try to tell anyone it’s “for the kids” You just don’t want to have to explain anything to your kids that you think is “icky”.
    I guess SF is not as progressive as everyone thinks it is.


    • The problem is that a lot of people from outside of San Francisco come to watch the Giants, and not all of the surrounding suburbs and cities are progressive. At all.

      I think the management at AT&T Park and the Giants owe Sair and Alex an apology. And a refund on the tickets. I also think if GLBT groups and news organizations like the Chronicle were alerted, there would be outrage and picketing, no matter how popular the Giants are in town right now.

      (No, I don’t usually pick fights, but make me angry and I’m the “lady” who yells, “I wanna speak to your supervisor!”)


  3. “sigh*
    I guess SF is not as progressive as everyone thinks it is.



  4. Had a long discussion of American concepts of “family” and protecting “the children” and explained that probably part of Tom’s VERY COOL support and comfort comes from years of being a long-haired guy.
    Like why we never went to Disneyland,because for years Mainstreet America didn’t include people who looked like us.
    Everybody is a bit shaky, but better.
    Many hugs, excedrin, and popsicles, and I sent them off to Moe’s to hunt for books and postcards


  5. For the life of me I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the idea that seeing two people of the same gender kissing is somehow more disturbing/icky than seeing two people of opposing genders kiss. I mean a kiss is still a kiss, right? It’s just two people touching lips!

    I suppose it might *confuse* an onlooking child, but everything confuses young children… that’s why we have schools and libraries and parents and stuff. Children are idiots!


  6. ::shakes fist at the jerks:: Some people…humph!


  7. Amazing.

    No words.
    SEriously. I’m just sitting here frowning and trying not to stomp my foot.



  8. For the record, I go to baseball games to watch baseball, and I don’t particularly want to see *anyone* making out.

    Or talking on their cell phones.

    Or climbing in and out of their seats to get snacks every half-inning.

    Watch the baseball game. If you have personal business to take care of, stay home. And if you can’t keep your hands off your partner (of whatever gender) for three hours, then get a room.

    And eat before you come in to the stadium. You’ll save a truckload of $$$ and it won’t give you heartburn.


    • They were not making out, they kissed.
      I posted the youtube Kiss Cam” because this is an official ATT park thing –
      Up on the stadium for everyone to see –
      Kissing your date at the game is not any kind of extreme behavior.


      • I apologize, I sort of misread. You’d said “necking” and while I don’t have a lot of personal experience (alas), it sounds like more than just smooching. It’s not something I would involve an usher in; it’s just one of my pet peeves.

        Anyway, I didn’t mean to sound like I was criticizing Sair and Alex, and I apologize if it sounded like I was.

        Those kiss cams can be amusing. I read about a hockey game once where they put the camera on the bench where the players were. I don’t remember which team it was, but it was Dougie Gilmour, and when he saw the jumbotron, he obligingly leaned over and planted one on his teammate’s cheek.

        I don’t recall hearing how the teammate reacted…


  9. Completely ridiculous to ruin Sair and Alex’s day like that. And to make them feel so awful. It just hurts to think how bad they must have felt. I do wish that HG and Lurkie and I could have been there, too. Boy would they have had some Grizzly Mamas to deal with. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    Nobody picks on our kids or our Peep’s kids! And everyone is SO right. Children don’t care at ALL. It’s creepy adults who take perfectly wonderful little souls and break them.


  10. Posted by aubrey on August 9, 2011 at 12:03 am

    It seems that the only child around was that lady usher.

    It’s so ironic, that this sort of gentle behavior creates a problem in Giant Stadium, while down here in Dodger Stadium we had quite a different problem.


  11. Posted by Brown Suga' on August 9, 2011 at 12:21 am

    That usher – and the *adult* who compained to her – deserve to be slapped.

    I’m sure no children were “upset” – at worst they’ll gawk and giggle, but not necessarily get offended. (Also, many children react that way to straight couples too.) How horrible of her to pick on Sair and Alex like that.

    And I’m with Auntiebellum, ODing on PDA is icky, period, irrespective of the gender of the people indulging in it. I’m sure a lot of straight couples were doing so in the very same game. If Sair and Alex are denied the freedom to show off their companionship – despite maintaining respectable limits – then the same should be denied to other couples as well.


  12. Lauo! WP disengaged me from your subscrption (and others). I’m so sorry–I had no idea you’ve been going through terrible things and stupid ushers on top of it all.

    I have lots of catching up to do. (((((non-PDA hugs))))


    • WP seems to randomly do random things.

      Life is calming down, but we’re all a bit shaky still.
      I’m recovering more slowly than I’d expected to, which has me slightly crabby.
      The girls are pretty much okay – though no one is feeling much interest in baseball any more.


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