Usually at least I am lurking

But I’ve been missing since Monday.

Monday night, pulling onto the Bay Bridge in fast evening traffic, I had a slight cramp.

Right at Treasure Island I began strenuously NOT VOMITING, since I didn’t want to kill people, and I continued NOT VOMITING all the way to Ashby where I could pull over safely, and I efficiently lost dinner, starting an epic series of barfs that has continued for days. (Today, so far, barf-free!  I only really have to make it to evening antibiotic + 2 hours, and the day is a win)

So anyway, Tom drove the rest of the way home, where the cramp had become the great-grandfather of all cramps, all on the right side, so we turned around and went to the Kaiser emergency room. Where I told them my pain was a nine (I imagine being dropped into burning oil as a 10) and found some more stuff to spew on the floor. I’m not sure if it was the pain or messing up their floor, but they pushed me right through.

Apparently I have a “big” kidney stone. I don’t recommend them.

They put me on lots of dilantin, and cipro, and did all manner of tests and scans, and ended up putting a stent in my kidney on Tuesday, and scheduling a star-trekky procedure involving cameras and lasers on August 8th.

I was in Kaiser over night and  came home, where I continued to barf, and developed a 101.7  temp, and so bounced right back Wednesday afternoon for a longer stay, more scans, and the like. Basically my mission was to stop barfing long enough to keep down my antibiotics, or stay there and get them via iv.

Oh, and I forgot the headache too, and complete inability to focus. I mean, I couldn’t follow the tv, and got walkies with the nurse to go pee.

Anyway, many, many needles and much jello later, I have escaped. Apparently some of the nausea was the cipro, which takes some people that way, so now I am on a new one. I’m still queesy, but nothing I can’t handle now. I do have prescriptions for anti-nausea stuff here, but haven’t had to use them. — I am socking away the ginger tea though.

I’m now basically working through my old morning sickness food options, and stuff is staying down, so it is just a matter getting though the next 8 days.

Except, of course, that I have a house guest from overseas coming in two days, the house is a mess, and I can’t lift anything over 15 pounds, and am really, really reluctant to do anything bendy or twisty involving my torso, because the stent thingy pokes. And the whole thing spasms every so often anyway.

Oh, and Boe really missed me. I love him, but he’s really smelly and I’m delicate that way just now. But he curled up at my feet, and when I looked at him, he slitted his eyes open and looked at me and made air biscuits. Home.

Many hospital stories :

the mystery turd on the bathroom floor, from the people caring for the guy in the other room who didn’t clean up. Great for nausea.

the nurse who made me wait to pee while she measured the last lot she was supposed to have already done and then proceeded to drape the whole thing in not one by two seat protectors, and I’m there turning green.

the dinner they forgot to bring me when I was supposed to be starting to try a soft solid, and I’m trying to figure out when dinner is and finally have to ask. And it was a cheeseburger.

But, that said, almost all the nurses were just super. A few bad lots, but mostly really really stellar, hardworking folks.


15 responses to this post.

  1. ouchies. I’m a little queasy just reading about it.


  2. Oh, yikes, Lauo! Take care of yourself and the messy house can go hang. If the guest is a friend, they will not only mind, but insist on pitching in.


    • I pretty much think she will.
      Is Sair’s girlfriend, flying in from Australia, and she seems like a nice kid.
      She has already offered to stay elsewhere, which is sweet of her.
      I’d rather she just came and hung out, mess or no.
      And I’ll be better after the 8th.


      • Exactamundo, Miss Laurie! I use to be like that about visitors (even my own family!) but have gotten much better about it. I do understand how you feel, Lauo, but you take care of YOU- the house can wait!


  3. whoa! That sounds miserable, beyond miserable. The Miao Bros are sending you healing purrs.


  4. Oh lordy what a nightmare!!!
    Auuuuuuugh!!!! I am so so sorry this happened! Get well soon!

    Mystery turd???? Was that really necessary?!?!? Auuuuuuugh!!!


  5. Lauo!!! I’m just happy you got that checked and know what it is! I didn’t know they could hit that fast- I always dimiss that sorta thing to *stomach virus* so Thank-you Mr Tom for getting our dear friend to the hospital safely. I have an appointment in about 3 1/2 weeks to get in the clinic here in VA. I’ve had referrals for a lower GI since I was in my early 20’s but w/o insurance. I’m getting too frickin old to care for everyone else and not myself. Take care of that and happy to *not* see your face today! Haha! ♥


  6. Oh no! that sounds horrible. I’m glad you’re on the mend. That is a shame about having a houseguest at this time, but I’m sure she’ll help out or at least understand your situation! Take care & stay well!


  7. Oh ick. What a way to spend the weekend! I hope you feel much better soon



    I’m so sorry all this is happening to you!!!!
    Get ALL better SOON!!!!!!
    ((((((((((((((((((((gentle hugs))))))))))))))))))))


  9. Am already a fair amount better.
    Haven’t thrown up for two days, though I’m not really settled either.
    Am counting days….


  10. Ouch! Aouw! Ack! Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrckphtpmhm! (That last one was feline fc sympathizing by hacking up something – you’re welcome!)

    Oof, I hope you feel lots better now, and that there will be a captain Kirk present for the star treking thing on the 8th! Feel better soon!


  11. Am really doing scads better,
    Just jabby pains from the stent when I move wrong (no moving for me!), and a fair amount of manageable queeziness.
    This I can handle.

    Met my Captain Kirk, he is a furry hobbit-like type, one of the neat-handed slightly nerdy types who make good surgeons,
    He’s the one who put in the stent, so he knows his way around already.

    So except for being all useless and slightly seasick and poked-at, am fine: home, with cats and family.


  12. Just wanted to say I hope all goes swimmingly with your procedure tomorrow! One more sleep.


  13. Posted by Brown Suga' on August 9, 2011 at 12:07 am

    Yikes! Sorry to hear. Hope you’re feeling better now!



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