More Fun Rentals

Today’s favorite is “tilt bath,” which sounds maybe too challenging in the morning to me.

There was a unit in “Priam Neighborhood,” but I’d be worried about its condition.

And a truly charming roommate situation:

We are a couple looking to fill an empty room we have in our modern apartment in the East Village.
The apartment is located in one of the best neighborhood, where many bars and restaurants are. Ideally, we are looking for someone to stay with us for at least 6 months. Starting June 15.
The rent is $ 1300 + utilities + 1 month security (move in day). AVAILABLE June 15th. Mid to long term ONLY.
-MUST be super CLEAN (no crumbs around body)
– Very responsible
-Be a professional
_ Pay rent + utilities on time
– Have a stable and full time job (sorry NO students)
– Mature
– Treat our stuff as it was yours. No: “It’s not mine; so I don’t care!!!” attitude
– Preferable a person who doesn’t cook very much
– No pets

It’s the “no crumbs around body” that worries me, but I guess Olivia and Elliott like a tidy crime scene…


7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by carlisa1 on May 16, 2011 at 7:00 am

    You gotta be kidding!!! *shakes head* wow…So you can’t cook OR have crackers, even?


  2. The “preferable a person who doesn’t cook very much” seems kinda weird too. Unless they’re offering to supply their tenant with free take-out every night? In which case it’s a bargain…


  3. 1300 for ONE ROOM? Oh for crying out loud. Even for Manhattan, that is ridiculous. And as far as I can tell “Priam neighborhood” is completely made up. Pretty sure they meant Prime….? I dunno, people are always making up ridiculous neighborhood names to make the area sound like something it’s not.


  4. “Treat our stuff as it was yours.” Ooooo, now that’s just asking for trouble!


  5. Posted by aubrey on May 18, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    But surely if they want you to have a stable (in addition to that job)they’d be willing to accept certain (rather large) pets?


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