Craigslist Finds

Gee, which would you prefer:

New stainless steal appliances, or

Walking closets?

Or, perhaps this set-up:

$780 Female Roommate Wanted – Your own bedroom in 2 1/2 Bedroom apartment (East Village)

Furnished bedroom available in spacious 2 1/2 bedroom apartment. Doorman, high floor, city and sunset views, sunny, etc. Washer, dryer and dishwasher in the apartment. The apartment has good heat, is quiet for sleeping, has good air-conditioning, high speed internet and a spare computer for the roommate’s use. It’s an elevator building and there is a health club in the building. The room is about 200 sq. ft., has a double bed, dresser, desk, walk in closet and a window with a nice view. I’m looking for a female roommate who will occasionally not wear clothes when I ask in exchange for free rent. No sex whatsoever required. Otherwise the rent is $780/month, everything included.

I mean, that sure sounds on the up and up.


14 responses to this post.

  1. I’d take my chances with stolen appliances than closets that might walk away and take my stuff with them.

    although if your closet walked off with your clothes, that one guy would give you free rent.


  2. I bet they meant 2 1/2 baths. Lol at the walking closets!

    Nope, that doesn’t sound the least bit weird…..!


  3. At least he’s up front about it.
    I’ve seen an add where the landlord had a closet in the room to let that he needed access to at all times. But that was totally innocent – obviously.
    I also ran into a few weird setups while looking for a place myself…
    – you can’t have your own furniture, you can’t have visitors and we’d like you to babysit the twins and help out around the house – oh, and if you could avoid using the kitchen when we’re home. It’s amazing what people expect you to put up with.
    Hope you find something reasonable… with roommates who are actually going to share and be normal about it.


  4. $780/month for an occasional peep show? What for? He has high speed internet?

    But as Drude said, at least he was up front about it.


  5. Actually, my suspicion is that this is pimp trolling.
    Anyone responding is already half-way there.


  6. I notice he didn’t specify the age of the female roommate. Might be great for Grandma on a fixed income!


  7. Posted by Boston Margy on May 10, 2011 at 9:41 am

    Yow! But what if the roommate is 68 years old and weighs 350 pounds? That would serve the bastard right!


  8. Wow……

    ::runs like the wind::


  9. You could always hire a nude maid as a proxy. I had friends that lived together and they had almost 15 people in one large apartment. People slept behind folding screens and bookcases but they were never home so it worked for them. I couldn’t survive the 24 hour comings and goings though.


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