Halp! New York City Apartments???

How the hell do you find an apartment in New York?????

The kid got skunked on NYU housing. Which is extremely sucky.

She was going to share a space with two friends as a group. And she and Friend Two all properly registered as an Official Group, with Friend Three as Group Captain. But for it to fly, they needed to be all verified by the Group Captain.

And the Housing Office website was being weird, and Friend Three was lacking in follow-through, so Housing ignored their group, decided that the three of them had Failed at Step Two (groupiness) and put them at the absolute bottom of the housing pile.

So the kid is in a tiny triple studio, with two people she doesn’t know, and the kitchen right in the room.

We’re thinking this is the point to just bail.

We get her a place off-campus. Possibly with Friend Two, who got left without any room at all for the moment. Although Friend Two having said yes, she wants to do this, has helpfully vanished into the off-in-Ireland-for-the term-and-not-really-on-the-interwebs-reliably ozone, and is taking FOREVER to respond to queries about rental limits, and location…. Friend Three refuses to figure out the details of having financial aid pay for an apartment, because is is somewhat tricky.

Le Sigh.

Sooooooooooo. I’ve been looking at Craigslist, and 90% of it seems to be sock puppet agencies and all. Suspiciously identical photos of no-fee apartments that I am certain have been rented, but we have this other thing you don’t want….


And the campus housing office off-campus link won’t open. It shows listings, but even at 3am New York time it won’t open at all. Even switching browsers it won’t open. Kid got it to open once.

To repeat, Le Sigh.

I will be in New York in a week, but I’m suspecting that this is early for hunting for September – or even for July. (A compromise, since I expect we’ll have to sign a year’s lease, we could rent early. There’s going to be those summer months, regardless.)

Anyway, must one go through a broker? Fees? Really?


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  1. gah, absolutely no advice from the high north, but I do wish you the best of luck!


  2. My older daughter found her current apartment on craigslist. It’s on the Upper East Side and isn’t exactly a student apartment—it’s two stories, with a full kitchen, hardwood floors and a spiral staircase. But getting it was a major ordeal: she and her husband had to go through a credit check with the apartment management company and had to get a signed letter of guarantee from her father-in-law because she and her husband had only recently moved from outside New York. They also had to put down two months’ rent as security, which was a colossal amount. (They borrowed the money from her in-laws. There was no way I could help with the costs.)

    My younger daughter, who has more experience looking for places to live in strange cities, says the best thing to do is to find someone already established in an apartment who is seeking a roommate. It doesn’t sound like your daughter’s friends/potential roomies are especially reliable, so if you’re both determined to get an apartment right now, that might be the route to go. It may mean rooming with a stranger or two or three, but if you’re going to New York to experience the big city, you might as well get used to meeting the locals. Just make sure the person seeking a roommate is herself trustworthy and has a good record of tenancy. You can have an online security search done for about $20, but the more in-depth ones are more expensive of course.

    Good luck to you. It is difficult enough moving to a strange city without having to deal with apartment hunting or having any connections to help out.


  3. Perhaps have a chat with Dora?


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