A Really Useful Link on “Meltdown”

Just if you want to get up to speed on what they are talking about, Rachel Maddow has a clear, lay person explanation here.


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  1. Thanks, Lauo. Hubby and I were just discussing how confusing it all is. This will help.


    • Last night’s is useful as well.
      (It’s under something like “most recent.”)
      She also pulls in experts rather than random talking heads.

      As she says, it’s better to understand what is happening.


  2. lalalalala *I can’t hear yoooooou*
    no meltdown happening anywhere,
    no meltdown happening near a city full of 35 million people.
    no meltdown happening RIGHT on the effing coast of the Pacific – who eats fish anywayz?… which ways are the currents going again???
    no thousands of disaster refugees without water and food – some not even rescued from under the rubble yet – who’ll get covered in radioactive crap in a few minutes…
    no radiation levels so high that the people trying to stop the melt down can’t even get near the reactors anymore…
    I need bigger earplugs – or eyeplugs?
    There are problems at all 6 reactors now… with possibilities of a whole RANGE of different nuclear pollution problems, from the spent fuel rods burning up to the more classical core melt down…
    I hope they manage to stop this runaway nuclear plant..


    • Oh ma gah. Oh ma gah.

      All we can do is sit back and wish and wait and hope. Pray, whatever that is, and add the best of our good vibes to everything.

      Oh heavens, what has mankind wrought?


      • *passes out the brainplugs*


        • Or maybe we should just pass out in general.


          • you cracks me up Lauri!!
            I think I’ll just pass out in general…

            On the plus side, it’s not gone totally BOOM yet, and it’s been a week, those fantastic brave guys working at the plant have at least managed to slow it so much that in theory.. help from outside *should* have had time to get in there with whatever it takes to cool those reactors.

            The IAEA on faceboob are updating daily about temperatures in the spent fuel ponds for each reactor – reactor 6 fuel pond temperature fell by half a degree to 62.0 C today!! reactor 5 still went up by over 1C, and reactor 4’s sensor stopped transmitting during the fire, with last reading at 84C


    • I am beyond fear and beyond horror and reaching instead toward mad raving insanity.

      Researching Diablo Canyon (in Avila Beach, 160 miles from LA, 200 miles from San Francisco).
      On the ocean.
      A couple of major earthquake faults in spitting diatance.

      My find of the day:
      “A newly hired 25 year-old engineer dicovered after construction that the seismic blue prints for the Diablo Canyon plant had been reversed, and PG&E formally notified the NRC that it has built the seismic supports in a “mirror image” of their proper positions.”
      (Wiki, and elsewhere. Sadly it is true.)
      O, it’s alright, they “fixed” it later.

      They are trying to toss water at it with water cannons.
      I’m with Lauri
      Oh ma gah. Oh ma gah.

      Trying to work on my lalalalala but I can’t get it loud enough.


      • It’s only human… you know.. turning the plans upside down… or mirror imaging them… it could happen to anyone… I don’t know why we let humans build and operate these things at all?


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