Hey, people who have had the icky stomach bug?

I have avoided it so far.

But I think it has just bitten Sair.

Can anyone remind me about the time frame on it? How long you were sick, how sick you were?

She started feeling officially Blah last night, and is sick today.

How much longer will she be out of action?

There are issues of an essay next week, and I’m wondering if I should prod her to email for an extension.

And maybe actually GO to the student health place to document it, since instead she will just hide in her room until she recovers or dies.


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  1. My kid and two of my coworkers have had it. All had one really bad day of it, one sort of bad day of it, and were mostly back on their feet by the third day.


    • I think this is her “bad” day, so just one more isn’t too bad.
      Tho the Irish quiz may be a bit iffy, she’ll have time to get to her papers over the weekend then.

      I just worry, being on the wrong side of the country and all, and unable to ply her with tea and videos and hugs.


    • Yeah, what she said. I was over it in less than two days … my wife in about two full days.


  2. My sister’s family had the Norovirus, which a lot of people here have had, too. It had a longer duration unfortunately. The acute phase with vomiting and diarrhea was a couple of days, but the diarrhea lingered (ewww) for a lot longer. Once the acute phase has passed I would have her try a half an Immodium just to calm the GI muscles down.
    And everyone that I knew that had it said that about a week later the diarrhea comes back. Not that they were feeling really bad, but it scared them that it came back, they thought something else was wrong, when it was just the way this virus works.
    I hope she’s ok real soon!


  3. Aw, poor girl. I hope she gets better soon!


  4. Ugh. Icky. And so much more life-restricting than other cruds. Colds are miserable, but you can survive away from a bathroom.

    Hey, remember the Mystery Spoons you gave me? The long ones? I saw one just like them being used in a blender to make an ice cream/fruit shake.


  5. Lauri, your description of the Norovirus sounds EXACTLY like what my 85-year-old mom had in January. She’s still not 100% but is getting better. She has a long-term “after-effect” of it, in that her hips, knees, and ankles are REALLY hurting and swollen. THAT was what finally got her to the doctor. Not my sister and me wheedling, cajoling, etc., while she was so actively sick, nooooo.

    Anyway, she did go see her orthopedic guy who said this particular bug definitely can settle into joints; you’re so sick during those days that your whole body does a big WTF and it takes 6-8 weeks for the inflammation to resolve wherever it’s shown up, the joints in her legs in her case. She’s been on a cane outside and a walker inside since this started but does say it’s noticeably better.


    • Ouch.
      I had a similar thing with a virus once… ran a high fever, and ended up with sore wrist joints for weeks afterward.
      It was really weird.

      Glad it got your mom to the doctor though.


  6. Oh, gosh…..((((((((hugs)))))))))

    I hope you’re all OK.


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