Mr. Boe is still in the building

Just to make a progress report. We took him back by the vet and he had another antibiotic shot, and another cleaning, so he’s pretty comfy. Despite the rain and cold, he then took off immediately after we got home to go about his mysterious ways and all. I think he needed to go pee in the bushes like the civilized boy that he is.

His weight holding pretty steady. He has a good appetite, and basically is getting a good assortment of baby food, gooshy stuff, canned tuna mashed up, and whipped cream from a spray bottle. Our friend came over with dessert and brought some, and it was an instant hit. Basically, Boe can’t really chew efficiently anymore, but he can still envelop food, and lick at it, and he manages to get down enough if he always has some on hand. It’s mostly a matter of keeping his food away from Doc (aka GreedyGuts).

Loper the Feral also put in an appearance, so I fed him and put down some catnip, and gave Boe some as well. He spent a long time dealing with it, then jumped into an empty file box and sat watching over the edge for 40 minutes by the clock. He didn’t seem to care whether the kittens went by or not. It was all some Cat Yoga zen sort of  thing: an “I am watching over the edge of something” event. He took a break and ate more, and he is now sitting inside the other, sideways, box, presumably practicing the other cat position vis-a-vis a box: “I am watching from around the corner of something.” Later he will locate the lid and demonstrate the “I am sitting on a box.” Clearly there is some kind of marathon event going on.


9 responses to this post.

  1. Cat Yoga zen. Beyond human comprehension, but I’m sure it has something with keeping the earth righted.


  2. [This is good.]


  3. I’m pleased to hear that Boe is behaving as though he has all the time in the world.


  4. I was just thinking about him today. Glad to hear he’s still enjoying life, but with catnip and whipped cream, who wouldn’t?


  5. ((((((((hugs)))))))) ahh, kitty zen!


  6. Living in the moment…it’s the best thing any of us can do!


  7. I love kittehs. They teach us so much


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