So the Boe has managed to have another adventure

Bless the boy.

Boe is still hanging in there. He looks utterly pitiful. His jaw is really swollen now, and it all a bit icky. Still, he is completely and utterly himself. He eats, and purrs, makes biscuits in his blanket, and looks happy about sitting in the sun. So I don’t think it is time yet.

He can eat, but it’s sloppy and he drools. The tumor part has little ulcerations around it and bleeds and scabs over repeatedly. (Apparently this is a typical thing, cancerous tissue just not being healthy stuff.) And though he still grooms, he isn’t really good at it either. And though I can, and do, bathe him, I’m not really good at it either, and the icky stuff is really sticky and doesn’t clean off easily.

But he goes about his kitty business, supervising the younger cats (he approves of them), going out and walking his route, sitting on the porch in the sun, and generally still being a cat for however many more days he has.

So there he was wandering happily about, great huge jaw, messy front (little bits of clotting and ickiness), and of course still with the limpy walk from his no-good knee caps. Sigh.

One of my neighbors, whoever it is, had Animal Services trap him (again), and Animal Services took him to the local emergency vet, thinking he’d been hit by a car. He’s chipped, so they called us.

Despite the 75$ emergency fee to spring him, I am working resolutely to try to appreciate having neighbors who care enough to try to rescue a cat, even if Boe didn’t really need a rescue. And it is interesting to think of him with his Secret Cat Life that includes hanging out wherever this rescue-minded person observes him.

Animal Services folk won’t rat on the person, so we can’t communicate directly. I have though delivered a little screed up and down the block on doorsteps and posted on the telephone poles describing his situation and asking please not to rescue him again. At the very least, I don’t think he really likes the whole trapping experience.

The good thing is that as long as the vet had him, we asked them give him a thorough bath. And he charmed them all, being a charming boy. Literally, they all were coming out and telling us what a great cat he is. True enough.

He’s home again, being patted, fed fancy feast and baby fudz (his choice), and sleeping stretched out on the comfy blanket over a heating bag. I’m glad no one has told him he’s terminal.


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  1. Oh, Boe! So much character.


  2. When you posted the photo to the (possible) falcon I realized what the Boe reminds me of sometimes.
    His round yellow eye is like a wild bird’s – the sense of a person in there is very strong.
    Fearless but wild.
    He’s a loving boy, but very much on his own terms – he’s here because he decided to be.


  3. bless. hope his remainimg days will be less adventurous, but good!


  4. So many caring people! Boe’s big family. He is certainly enjoying his days as they are.


  5. I’m in awe of Boe
    Mysterious and Crafty
    and I’m in awe of you
    for letting Him decide when to exit the scene

    I understand Animal Services won’t rat out the person(s) who had Boe trapped, but couldn’t Animal Services contact them to make sure they understand Boe’s situation?


    • They did that before.
      Back before he was a year old, he began to limp seriously.
      There were a series of vet visits, tests, specialists, all ending up with an official statement of essentially Gee-That’s-Weird when his second knee cap started to disintegrate as well.
      But I digress.
      We took him to the vet and were given meds and we pilled him dutifully.
      And he vanished overnight.
      In mid-freakout we got a call from Animal Services that someone had called him to have the Poor Injured Boy trapped.
      Luckily he was wearing his collar, and the Animal Services person then chipped him in the front hall on his return.
      (Which is how we got him back this time, since his poor jaw really precludes wearing a collar now.)
      Animal Services Lady wouldn’t tell us who had called, but she did promise to call them and let them know he was being cared for.

      He’d missed a day of pills.
      We’d been out calling for hours and worrying.
      And the whole time he’d had a collar on with our phone number.
      It is true, of course, that as a Former Feral he is certainly Crafty and Mysterious while going about his business outside.
      So that Helpful Person could not herself have gotten her hands on his collar without tapping him first.
      And he is seriously good at not allowing himself to simply be cornered and picked up.

      I think Helpful Person, bless her, puts out cheap dry munchies for the local feral guys.
      And I only feed my guys healthy expensive gooshy stuff, so I am sure Boe used to turn up there and chow down on forbidden noms.
      (I never said he wasn’t a jerk.)
      And those pills turned out to have been not needed in any case, since the while knee cap thing seems to have been perhaps a result of kittenhood privations.
      That the best theory from a multitude of vets, and one I could have invented for free on my own.
      He just got dealt a really crap hand in cat equipment it is sucks, sucks, sucks.


  6. Poor little Boe… too much excitement for a sick little cat.


    • You know, he has no idea he’s sick.
      I cant figure out whether that makes it better or worse.
      He’s just walking about with this huge jaw, being a cat.
      I think the messiness bothers him.
      But it’s just a body shape thing, all the rest of him is just fine.
      Am spoiling him s much as possible.


      • Boe has been a trooper for a long time. I remember him being very ill when I still lived in MD and you thought he wouldn’t pull thru. You’ve been a good mommy or he would’ve been gone back then. All you can do is *all you can do* and you’ve done that, hon. Just give him extra skritches from all of your friends and spoiling is highly recommended 🙂


  7. Boe doesn’t like the trapping, I’m sure, but the rest of the adventures fit with his Mysterious Life.


  8. Ohhh Boe. What a kitteh he is


  9. Posted by aubrey on January 30, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    Adventures are tempting, mysterious are wonder and vast – especially to a gallant, bold cat – but the Boe knows: the best life, the lushest treatment, the most love is at home.


  10. I am so glad Boe is home and ok. That’s what I love about aminals. They love and cherish every moment. Boe has lived The Life and he is awesome!
    You are too, Lauo, for taking such good care of him!


  11. How’s the Boe boy doing today, lauo?
    Max ate some last night and this morning and has had numerous long drinks out of the toilet.
    We always keep our toilet lids down because I don’t care to sit on wet cat footprints, but my parents let Max drink out of the toilet and he loves it, so who am I to say no?
    So he is looking perkier today. He is curled happily up on the heating pad, so the time is not quite here yet for him either.


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