Americans Lagging Behind!

Oh Noes!

Laurie was doing her low-key Canadian thing…. Not exactly boasting, you know, because that would make us feel bad, but letting us know.

Canadians are Better Slackers than Americans!

So I’m just calling on all my American peeps to do their bit here.

Get with it, people, slack today!


15 responses to this post.

  1. “We’re number one!” isn’t boasting? Damn, I guess we Canadians are a little out of practice. Next time I’ll add a foam finger.


  2. I can out-slack any 10 Canadians. Heck, I’m doing it right now.


  3. Oh dear! I can’t believe I am letting the team down! Let me add a few slacking hours immediately! 😀


  4. I’m too lazy to respond to this.


  5. If it weren’t for Prof Tashi’s stern glare, I would be slacking 100% of the time. Now it’s only about 70% of the time.


  6. Posted by aubrey on January 6, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    I slack, I really do, but if the boss is watching, I adapt it into a sort of advanced slouching. Then she doesn’t notice.


  7. We excel at slacking. Look how many things I avoided doing today alone. Why, it’s mind boggling. I’d tell yo about it, but it’s past my nap time.


    • Kzinti, with all due respect, I’ve read your posts and you’re the least slackeriffic person I know. You only avoided doing all those things today because you probably did twice as many other things. It’s chaps like you, my friend, who are bringing down the US curve.


      • Crap. Well, just look at all the things I was going to do and then didn’t because I was already doing something else. Do those count?


  8. I do MY part Lauo! LOL!


  9. “I slack, therefore I am.”

    We rock.


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