On the same note

Life keeps throwing me curves.

A couple of years ago we all three saw Melissa Ethridge, as Sair’s birthday present. It was at a fancy-shmancy winery, a lovely venue on a mountain top overlooking San Jose, all intimate and posh, with a little amphitheater nestled in a slope of the vineyard. Melissa was great. It was her summer tour, themed:

Melissa Ethridge



How odd, said Tom, reading it as an injunction to live alone, rather than a description of the artist touring sans band. I still prefer his reading.


Or, there’s our lovely Christmas ornament. A silvery puss-in-boots bearing a banner, a fussily-lettered scroll bearing a seasonal message: two words fitted on the loops of a ribbon, one above the other: Good Will.  Except that, between all the fancy script, and the weird placement of the words on the ribbon, what it seems to say is: Well Good.

I love it, Christmas cat, with attitude. I think of it as the family coat-of-arms.


Also, going through the books at Tom’s mom’s house, I picked one up, titled: Changing Colleges.  How nice, thought I, and how handy, a how-to book on transferring from one college to another – a great variant on the usual getting into the college of your choice books. So I stashed it in the going-to-our-house bag rather than the Goodwill bag, or the paper-recycling bag.

When I got home, I took a closer look at it.  Copyright is 1971. Those were different times, times when people thought the world could be transformed. It’s a book about transforming the style and purpose of colleges. Oh.



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  1. Posted by Freedom Smith on November 15, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    I would like to see a picture of your Christmas ornament of the cat with an attitude. It sounds delightful 🙂


  2. I love your examples. Well, good.
    Live, alone. As in “Just Live”.

    I see those “Life is good” shirts and instantly transform them into what it looks like to me in the mirror. “Life is boog.” And I get a wry smile on my face. Cuz life isn’t always good, it isn’t always bad, but it’s always boog.

    As for transformation, I am at the age where I sigh about that, too. I guess I thought there would be more improvement in my lifetime…but then I have to remind myself that there are a ton of things “out there” that actually ARE better than they were at the the beginning of my life.

    I love this post, lauo. I so relate!


    • Well Boog to nem.

      I did that with a little old book in our liberry once. The title was “How to Hang” and I thought I was about to get a lesson on gallery layouts and domestic aesthetics. Nope. It was more a lesson on what weight rope to use in proportion to bodyweight. c1924. Gruesome.

      WHere’s the pic of the Christmas ornamental?


  3. That is the awesomest place to see a concert. We got seats on the side bleachers last time, right there. Had dinner at one of their restaurants beforehand (not the fancy one) and the noms were great.

    Well, good!


  4. It’s like finding a $20 bill on the ground, opening it up and it’s one of those church inspirational messages instead of a $20 bill. That just makes me want to go pee on their front door.


  5. “Well Good”

    if I were not sorely lacking in embroidery skills, I’d embroider that in a pillow for you.


  6. I thought the Etheridge banner meant that she was telling people to live alone, too! (From the way you typed it.)

    am constantly “misreading” things, in the way you’re talking about. It makes life more interesting, I think.

    “Changing colleges”: sigh indeed.


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