Why I shouldn’t listen to tv

I just heard a Christmas commercial go by, and could swear that I heard them refer to getting ready for the holidays with my Holiday Hit List.

I’m working on it.


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  1. At least they didn’t say “Holiday Sh*t List”. But maybe you have one of those, too?


  2. Yep.

    I thought we were just supposed to practice wrapping our cats in festive paper.


  3. A Hit list? He’s making a list and checking it twice, cleaning the guns not once but thrice…


  4. It’s Christmas in New Jersey!


  5. LOL!
    Holiday Hit Shit List!

    I still ike whoever was calling it Xmess. Oh, that was arbed and her sister!


  6. Can we hunt down the advertisers that put Christmas commercials on the air before Thanksgiving? Just lock them in a closet until Black Friday..


  7. I like Holiday Hit List
    may have to appropriate


  8. I would hire a Holiday Hit Man. Nogg somebody off. I saw that the Salvation Army now has a credit card swiper on select kettles throughout the city. I guess change doesn’t work any more.


  9. I think I saw this ad yesterday! It sure sounded almost like Hit List even when I was looking at the screen and seeing their lips move.


  10. Posted by geologywoman on November 23, 2010 at 8:33 am

    I think of it as who I should hit. ; )


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