Oh, Like THAT was the Problem

Bush chatting up the public about problems with his presidency here:



“Former President George W. Bush says it was a “huge mistake” to let himself be photographed looking from Air Force One down at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Bush reflected on the iconic photograph during an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer to promote his forthcoming memoir, “Decision Points.” The photo was published widely and only reinforced the view that the Bush administration didn’t act quickly enough or fully grasp the severity of the problems on the ground in New Orleans after the levees broke.

“Let’s get to the picture that we may have seen more of you in the last couple years of your presidency than any other picture,” Lauer said. “You’re sitting in Air Force One, flying back toward Washington. You fly right over New Orleans and you look out the window.”

“Yes,” Bush responded. “Huge mistake.””


Oh, so the trouble with the handling of Katrina was all that pesky photograph.

Got it. It’s all virtual reality.


8 responses to this post.

  1. *Chandler Voice* And could “Decision Points” BE a stupider book title?


  2. *Big eyeroll*

    Omg. Sad.


  3. He was only reading at a grade school level. LOL


  4. Ugh.
    Getting a flashback.

    He can’t run for President again. But he could run for the Senate, right?
    Now ain’t that a fine kettle of poo.

    I can just see him now at a Tea Party, reading that goat book at the children’s table.


  5. I don’t see how that photo was so bad. At least he was looking. I mean, if he had the shade down and acted like he was completely ignoring it, that would be a problem


  6. “Yes, huge mistake. I should never have looked out the window.”


  7. It wouldn’t be so bad if he weren’t so clueless.

    He was the one urging Americans not to blame all Muslims after 9-11. He welcomed the Koran into the library of Congress.

    And the rest of the time he was clueless.


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