Kinda Baffling

At the end of the broadcast of last night’s game, the Fox news people had a whole cute human interest segment on people smoking weed at the game. They showed a hand holding a joint out on the street, interviewed a medical marijuana store person, and the exceedingly straight announcer guy out on the street said he smelled something.

Presumably because this is San Francisco, you know.

Now, I wasn’t at the game, not having $$$$$$ to spare, but I call shenanigans on this one.

I have been to a fair number of games there, in different sections from the very posh to te outer limits, and I’ve never seen anyone smoking anything at the stadium, not even tobacco. Ever.

Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That.

We’ve got a state proposition on the subject coming up on Tuesday, and it might even pass.

But you have to wonder just why the news types felt obliged to remind the nation at large about them Hippies in San Francisco.

Gets sorta old, you know.


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  1. Well, our founding fathers were rather quite the nutters. That’s why they came here, because England had enough of their stupidity. LOL


  2. Eh, it’s Fox, so what do you expect? They figure it’s San Francisco, where all those hippies and gays live, so of course “they” all smoke pot out there.

    But ditto, I’ve never smelled or seen anyone smoking a joint at a Giants game. The games tend to be heavy on the family-friendly.


  3. Smoking of any sort in a public place in SF? Simply Not Done. Unlike Vancouver, where I sometimes wasn’t sure if the view was obscured by fog or pot.

    But of course Fox is still in the grip of Reefer Madness (after all, the stuff has a “Mexican” name, oh horrors).

    They’s jus jellus.


  4. (And I cringe to think what they would have done if Oakland had been in the Series!)


  5. *eyeroll*

    Get over yourselves, Fox. Ha, like that would ever happen!


  6. Posted by Boston Margy on October 31, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    Since I’m from Boston, home of Harvard and the “Kremlin on the Charles,” I know exactly what you’re talking about!


    • Did they do stupid things like this when you were in the Series?

      Bet they aren’t talking about all the drinking, shooting, polluting, etc. that goes on in Dallas/Ft. Worth.


  7. Fox.
    Maybe they’re coveting the weediness.


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