They Won

Gee golly.

By the way, I am *totally* missing the local reporting guys. They point out really interesting stuff, chart out all the pitches, are way on top of things. But I can only find the game on Fox. Sigh.

The Fox guys are just utterly lame. Are they like someone’s nephews? Boring and out of it. It’s like they are ADD or something, and hardly paying attention to the game, just babbling on will filler crap all the time. If the radio weren’t out of sync, we’d just turn them off, but it’s too crazy-making to have the screen and sound not mesh.

Oh, and there’s this:

discussing this:


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  1. Tim McCarver is The Worst. He needs to be dropped off in the Alaskan wilderness whenever the bears are hungriest and crankiest. They go on and on about stuff that has nothing to do with the game that is being played and then they miss plays on the field or pitches. Call the game first…filler later. I like Joe Buck okay but Tim McCarver is atrocious and going senile.


    • I could do with half, or even none, of the flashback stuff.
      Could they just WATCH the game in front of them, and let us watch it too?

      (Maybe dip him in bacon fat before dropping him off?
      Maybe that’d be a waste of good bacon flavor.
      But I think we would owe the poor bears something.)


  2. This is about sports, isn’t it?


  3. ::giggles::


  4. HRTortie, of course, is clad in her Giants colors all the time. And she’s already furrier than much of the team. Although she prefers to watch basketball, it moves faster.


    • The New Boys all watch tv attentively.
      Bazball seems popular, occasional running, and flying white thing.
      Iz acceptable.

      HRT always in height of fashion.

      Speaking of which, I just saw the most fugly thing ever.
      Kid walking down Shattuck all in Cal gear, including NAVY BLUE SHOES WITH BRIGHT YELLOW RUBBER PARTS.
      Shriekingly hideous.


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