The Freak Brothers

The Freak Brothers, Sextus and Quint, now have the run of the house. Sarah’s room will eventually recover, I hope. They had been pulling things off the way, tossing push pins around the floor, emptying boxes (!) and drawers…. busy boys.

Sextus is difficult to photograph. He’s less shy than he originally was – sometimes I can even pat him now, and he even comes up to me on his own.

There is Sextus with his crossed eyes, and here are his whiskers.

And Quint. Quint is My Guy.

And these are his claws.

The claws are important, because he spent his kittenhood being socialized by the nice ladies at the animal shelter, who would sit on a chair with him, and he would climb up and play scarf. So that’s what he does. He climbs up on my lap and wants to sleep right up under my chin. Except that he gets all excited and turns around, and slips… So I have a constant trail of tiny, tiny scratches. But he LUBS me.

These, however, are enough.

I don’t care how cute it is, it’s not coming home with us.


16 responses to this post.

  1. Look what followed me home!!! Hilarious.


  2. We have sisters. I love Sairs new kitten. Good luck on litter change day.


  3. Thank you for catching us up on all your fine cats I sometimes lose count. (I bet you do, too!)

    Please give Boe special skritches from me.


  4. Lol a the picture of Sair and something prehistoric!

    Quint is a twin of my Stingy boy. Stringbean.

    Such lovey dovers! So nice to hear how they are doing!


  5. So you’ll open your home to Tyrannasaurus Kitten, but not the mild-mannered plant-eating whatever that is?

    Quint is lovely, even if he does scratch you up. Time for some kitty claw clipping…


    • Actually, Quint’s claws are oddly user-friendly.
      Doc’s are like little needles, but Quint’s are a little dull.
      It’s just that he insists on trying to stand and turn on my chest, which can’t really support quite all that much activity without a bit of slipping.
      Hmmm.. mild-mannered plant-eating whatsy might help with overgrown yard.
      I should re-think decision…


  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So adorable !!!!!!


  7. Posted by aubrey on October 26, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    Dino was only trying to make friends! Think of it with a red-ribbon leash, taking walks around the neighborhood, being taken to dino-friendly parks! Playing with other dinosaurs! All the thunderous romping!

    Also…Sextus’ whiskers positively SPARKLE in the sun.


    • Now I wanna go back and bring him home.

      Sextus’ whiskers are perfect.
      Oddly, his eyebrows are one white, one black, which is a little unbalanced looking.
      Is cuter (to me) than it sounds.
      Maybe now that he’s less frightened of me I can get some better photos.


  8. Love the cross eyes of Sextus; Mr Quint looks so regal.


    • The crossed eyes look even more extreme in person.
      I just can’t quite catch the full effect somehow.
      Quint only looks regal when he isn’t being Full Out Loony.
      He may grow into elegance tho.
      He is incredibly glossy, his fur almost like a pelt.


  9. Posted by geologywoman on October 26, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    I love the kitty piccies and the little story with them. If that is you in that last photo, you look terrific. You should wear purple every day.


  10. I love sextus and his crossed eyes. 😀


    • What I love is that Sextus and Quint do the Two of Us, and sit together, and run about together, so often they will turn to look at you, both heads together.
      All four round, slightly crossed, golden eyes looking at you.


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