They put me on a jury

The fools.

Actually, I’m rather astonished, because they almost always immediately kick me off as soon as I turn up.

It make me wonder whether I suddenly look Sorta Dumb, or more like a Little Old Lady than I used to. What gives?

They say it will take about four weeks, Monday to Thursday, 9:30-4:30, with breaks.

I will figure out having computer there eventually, after I figure out the whole getting there without driving part of things. (I really don’t feel liek paying $6/day to park.)

We have BADGES and an OFFICIAL NOTEBOOK, and a JURY ROOM! Surely a secret handshake will be next.


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  1. Is at Oakland? That’s walkable from BART, I know from experience. 😦 Of course then you still have the parking problem…


  2. I can walk to BART from here, just have to figure out the timing in the morning.
    And overcome a severe case of don’t wanna.


  3. You are a wise woman, Lauo, that’s what they sensed. You just can’t help it.


  4. Maybe the defense saw that little bit of crazy in your eyes and thought you’d be a good fit for their side. LOL


    • Yes, but the other side is supposed to notice things like that.
      Am not supposed to discuss details, so will not discuss details.
      But let’s just say I am very surprised, having filled out a great huge questionaire with many (I would think) red-flag answers, to have been left sitting.


      • When they ask about would you have any reservations about imposing the death sentence, I always respond with, “Depends on how you want me to kill them”. LOL


      • Both sides are probably just thrilled that you’re fluent in English.

        I was so glad to get out of the case I got called for there. It was a burglary/rape and just looking at the defendant scared the crap out of me. The woman sitting next to me and I actually grabbed each others’ hands, without ever having exchanged a word. The judge allowed as how I would not be impartial.


  5. Posted by Freedom Smith on October 23, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    They only get to kick off a certain number. There must have been some that they wanted off more than you 😀 Wow, four weeks! That is a long time. The pay is so low, too. I hope it turns out to be exciting, something you can blog about when it is over!! Lots of inside scoop about the other jury members and how they drove you nuts, stuff like that!


    • There are three ways to kick people off, I think.
      To being with are the Hardship People – losing your job, or illness, that kind of thing, and that doesn’t count for either side.
      They do that first, we lost so many people they had to send in another lot of jurors.
      Next time around is For Cause, one at a time as the lawyers question people, and that didn’t seem to be limited.
      So people having reasons why they felt they would not be able to be fair are excused by either side.
      Finally each side has a limited number of, was it, Pre-emptory dismissals, where they can just remove people.

      Is a looong time.
      Maybe they’ll settle????


      • I was there a couple of years ago and they didn’t excuse anybody for hardship. Not the minimum wage per hour people, not the grade-school teacher, nobody. But that was criminal, not corporate, and I don’t think it was supposed to last as long. I still would have had to get up at 6 AM and sit on hard chairs and things. But when you can honestly say “Your Honor, the defendant scared the hell out of me” (and the description of the case was similar to what had happened some years ago to a friend of mine), they let you go.

        I took myself down the street to the Museum where I had a nice sammich to the sounds of a jazz duo and looked at historical and natural history things (very soothing) and got home before dark.


        • I think it’s the combination of FOUR weeks, and the economic crisis.
          People saying they would lose their jobs.

          Worst was guy who was unemployed, uninsured, broke, and run out of his diabetes medication and so tending to nod off.
          I think he had the judge worried.


          • Falling asleep does not make for a good juror.

            When I was there, I remember now, that it was going to be SIX WEEKS and yet very few excuses. They didn’t even excuse law enforcement types, which really surprised both me and the retired sheriff’s deputy who figured that was an automatic out. As did a criminal lawyer who thought that would be an excuse. Nope. They all had to go through individual questions as well.

            The “Law and Order”-ness was maintained by having the prosecutor/assistant DA be a hot babe in a dress and heels, though.


  6. Whoa…..jury!
    Good luck with that. they always kick me out, too.


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