Halloween Costume Awards?

Sair is organizing the Halloween Party for the Science Fiction Club, but doesn’t feel like just giving three people $25 gift certificates and everyone else nothing.

Instead there are to be random awards for all, with a small prize each.

Sample awards follow:

The Award for Most Imaginative Use of Toxic Materials

The Most Congenial Costume Prize

The Costume Most Improved by Addition of Wookie Fur

The Most Sincere Costume

The Winner in the Toy Group, Including Spaniels, Poodles, and Gremlins

The Best Runner-up Costume, to Serve in Place of Actual Costume in the Case of Disaster, Award

The Looks Taller with Use of Forced Prospective Award

The Costume in Greatest Need of More Purple

The “I have a Very Bad Feeling About This” Award

The Costume Most Likely to Prompt 911 Call

The Costume Best Representing the Zeitgeist

The Award for the Boldest Use of Extra-Terrestrial Materials

“It’s ALIVE”, The Costume Most Likely to Attain Independent Life for Itself

The Least Infectious Costume

The I am The King of the Britons Award

The Last Costume Left in the Tardis Award

The Better Than Last Year Prize

The Most Easily Laundered Costume

This One Hasn’t Got Much Spam in It Prize

The “You Can’t Go Out in That” Award

The, “Wait, Don’t Tell, Me. I Know Who This Is” Award

The Costume Most Likely to Induce Nightmare in Vulcans

The Prize for Most Life-Like Portrayal



10 responses to this post.

  1. I don’t know how that list could be improved on. My fave is “This One Hasn’t Got Much Spam in It Prize”.


  2. Hee! Great awards!
    Most likely to be found at a [fill in the blank] is the only thing I came up with


  3. Zay list ees perfecteau!


  4. Better than beans award.

    Most likely to be guilty but escape execution by last minute pardon award (Halloween IS supposed to be creepy).

    No. I am not a twin award.

    The train has left the station award.

    Peas are green award.

    Fleece isn’t just for sheep award.

    The party’s sure to be fun!!


  5. Most likely to eat your brain award…

    Most likely to replicate in your innards award…

    Most likely to digest you easily award…


  6. The “Elvis may still be in the Building” Award?

    That’s all I can think of. I am still cursing you for not placing a warning at the beginning of this entry: “WARNING: Do not read this entry if you have any sort of digestive upset.” Would have been useful. 😐


  7. This is traditional at costume contests with few participants. Usually the judges make them up on the spot, to fit whoever they’re awarding. (I have both judged and won random titles and prizes. Once I won $1.25)

    This list is good, but she might consider a more serious one in addition, such as best workmanship/craftsmanship, if someone turns up with something handmade and kewl. Respect and props for someone who does it right rather than just buying junk.

    The “Seriously?” Award. Or “Srsly?”

    Best or Worst Violation of Rotsler’s Rules (Google it, every SF fan should know them)


    • I’ll see how it went – she’s already off partying as I type.

      Basically it is a room full of undergraduates in costume, eating, decorating mini pumpkins, and watching movies.
      This is just to give something to do about costumes that will be fun.

      Some of the Old Guard (graduated students) were apparently sort of counting on getting $$$ gift cards.
      But the university has capped those at $25 anyway.
      And more people than just Sair were unhappy with it being a contest anyway (the current student New Guard mostly).


  8. Those are the awards that stay on the mantle for life. No putting them away ever. A good suggestive way to enhance the costume making process.


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