Just in time for cooler weather.


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  1. Only one arm per armhole!

    This is mesmerizing! Hahaha. She is having a heck of a time.
    We will persevere!


    • I think she rather sped up the last bit.
      I remain unclear about how to get second arm into sleeve.
      The possibilities for FAIL are numerous.
      Need Moar Video!


  2. LOL!

    …I kind of want her coat


  3. Hey! Hi! How are the kittehs?


    • Hi-
      Kitties all okay, even poor Boe with jaw, who is looking unfortunate, but still able to eat.
      The Freak Bros are thriving.
      Doc has dustmop intentions.
      Have been running in circles, will post informatively.
      (Jury duty, Sair to emergency room, that sort of thing.)


  4. What is she doing putting on my coat? Dammit. I want my coat back.


  5. Posted by Freedom Smith on October 23, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    ROFL!!! That is the best ever. Every teenager needs to watch this (since they run around in 0 degree weather wearing hoodies! I posted it to facebook with the instructions that any teenagers that were running around freezing might need to watch this and that their parents might get a kick out of it. They all know me well enough to know I am kidding 🙂


  6. I love the proper Instruction Video manner she has.


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