And in Other Excitement

Wednesday I was online with Sair who was doing massive cleaning, and still hadn’t found her phone. And since it had been lost for a while, the battery was dead, so it didn’t help to call it.

She was doing massive cleanings because it is Parents Day, and her roommates all have family driving distance off. Some of who are slightly weird at their rather slobby kids about said slobbiness, so Sair was trying to tame her part of the mess, to reduce the overall effect.

Was having some trouble with dishes, though, because the smell was making her queasy. And apparently the kid with the most uptight mom seems to be incapable of doing dishes, so it’s mostly just two of them that do the kitchen cleaning.

(Is alright with Sair, who prefers doing extra dishes on her own schedule, with no one bugging her, to last year’s Fascist Chart and Diagram bunch, where everybody met endlessly about it, with total FAIL. And who just all left their dirty dishes about constantly anyway.)

Sooooo, I came down in the morning Wednesday and found a late night message from Sair saying basically EXTREME PAIN, can’t find email information about the Health Service to set up appointment – it keeps asking for a password and none work. (When she went by with Super Cramps last year they yelled at her about just coming by without setting up an appointment first online, and she hasn’t been back since.)

Pain was below her naval, on right-hand side, and she was feeling nauseous. Oh.

So I said, just take your student ID and go. Now.

So she went off.

And I went of to jury duty summons thing.

And I heard NOTHING all day – no cell phone, remember – but no emails at lunch break, or when I got back from jury selection, or anything until 10PM.

Tom was getting on phone to campus security, who could go see if she was in her room (no).

Student Health services aren’t available on the phone after about 8pm (so 5:00 here), at which point I was just getting out of the courtroom, having been sworn in. Tom was on highway, driving back from Santa Cruz teaching. And they want to be confidential anyway.

ACK. Parental nightmare.

Apparently, what happened was this:  she went to her two Thursday classes, and then to the Student Health Center.

Who immediately sent her to the NYU Hospital, where she spent six hours getting stuck with needles, being hassled about her insurance (which yes she has, but please not to be fussing about it when people are sticking with needles!), and getting ultrasound, which involved a speculum going where only tampons have been before. With a half-dozen people in the room.

Moar parental nightmare time.

Upshot is that she had an ovarian cyst that had ruptured with blood, and some other smaller ones on the other ovary. They will be following up in a couple of weeks, when the tests are in. We will also take her by her truly magnificent Kaiser doctor either over Thanksgiving or Christmas. Most likely they will put her on the pill for it, which apparently stops cycts from happening, because of stopping ovulation.

She’s a bit shaky still. I’m a bit shaky still.


And, just because they exist, I want to send you off to two lovely blog posts that are completely on topic:

1) on pain charts: (Sair said by the time she got there it was maybe a 7).

2) on ovarian cysts (in the later fine print, they are discovered to have been the cause):


Sair is not dead, and we are very happy about that.


13 responses to this post.

  1. Ouuuuccchhhh. Glad she’s ok. Having gone through the “joys” of ER’s and Sudden Attack of the Speculum, I can relate. Tell her I said hi.

    I took the Revised Pain Scale in the last time I saw my pain doctor. He loved it. Said he couldn’t put it up b/c of the Bad Word, but he actually LOL. I’m totally using it with him from now on.


  2. Will do.
    She is recovering by setting up the Sci Fi clubs halloween party.
    Has figured out how Not to have a costume contest by instead awarding a plethora of Special Awards.


  3. So they were smart enough to send her to the hospital at least, thank goodness. How scary for all of you.

    Miss your posts, Lauo, just had to say that.


  4. Urgh, hurts just reading about it.
    Be strong.


  5. ugh. SO many little parts in the body and it only takes one to make everything go bananas. Hope the hormones help. Went through this several times with the wife. Hoping that my daughter does not inherit this feature.


    • I had no idea this was something that happened, though I now think I may have had them occasionally as well.
      And apparently at least one of my sisters did.
      I’m hoping putting her on the pill makes them go away.


  6. Posted by Freedom Smith on October 23, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    Oh, how horrible. I know that was difficult for you to hear that she went through all of that alone! I hate when a person is in terrible pain and the person at the hospital continues on with the insurance info! Gah.

    Poor thing. I know she must have been in so much pain! Will you be with her when she gets more done or is she too far away?

    I love the picture you used at the end!! That just says it all.


    • If you follow the link, it’s a woman who blogs stuff.
      Her pain chart is really funny.

      Sair will see the doctor there in a couple weeks for followup, and we’ll get her by her regular doctor here when she’s home next.


  7. My sympathies over the ultrasound speculum wand, which I recently had to have done. Like being violated with a glowing blue alien vibrator. Sooooo glad to hear that Sair’s problem is relatively easy to treat and nothing worse. Whew!


  8. Oh noes! glad she is okay and I hope she continues to be so!


  9. Ugh, what a nightmare. I have to shake my head at the insurance questions in ER…god I do not miss the US health system one little bit…. My best wishes to Sair, and you. I hope your heart beat has returned to normal.


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