Why I love the innerwebs

I came across this article:


An explosive device was found in a historic cemetery in the East Village this morning, but it did not include a detonator, the police said. The device was found inside a plastic garbage bag by a worker at New York City Marble Cemetery on Second Street, between Second Avenue and First Avenue, the police said.”

So I was wondering where this place was, specifically in relation to Sair’s dorm (answer, not terribly close, but not far), and followed link to New York City Marble Cemetery.

It is, unfortunately, pretty much closed to the public, but it sounds lovely.

In the fine print I found this:

“The cemetery contains the remains of many important New Yorkers such as Stephen Allen, one-time mayor of the City and governor of New York State; James Lenox, whose library, together with the Astor and Tilden collections, formed the New York Public Library; Isaac Varian, another mayor; Preserved Fish, a well-known New York merchant in mercantile and shipping ventures; and Marinus Willet, a local hero of the Revolutionary War.”

New York City had a mayor named Preserved Fish! (Evidently pronounced Pre-ser-ved, with three syllables).

(Yes, that’s what I’m writing about, I am just that immature.)



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  1. Ah, the three syllable pronunciation makes all the difference! Hee!

    I’m glad there was no detonator. I wonder what was up with that?


  2. That photo looks like what we had for dinner Friday night. Eek.


  3. I don’t doubt that there were people at the time who laughed at Mayor Preserved Fish.


  4. Hey, for once, the randomly related post link is actually related. There are TWO of these cemeteries, who knew?


  5. Who knew?


  6. I was thinking the same thing. Looking back on what people named their kids a couple of hundred years ago makes some of the God-awful names people stick the young’uns with today look almost normal.


  7. And had you not I was right behind you on this one. I love the “Marble ” Cemetery name. We used to call them the marble orchard as kids.

    The Attorney General was Poached Prawns and the Treasurer was Tater Salad. The best buffet the village has to offer.


  8. Posted by Mark on October 11, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    So, the only other person I know of with the first name Preserved is a character in the Aubrey/Maturin books – the captain’s cook Preserved Killick. Women get names like Faith Hope and Charity, we get Preserved. There’s a also an archaic male name, “Cleanth”. Which I guess means cleanliness?


  9. Posted by geologywoman on October 13, 2010 at 12:45 am

    LOL – I love being immature with such things. And with music.


  10. I’m also glad there was no detonator, but I can’t help but wonder if the pre-ser-ved fish were smo-ke-ed.


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