And don’t come back, ya hear!

No moar voxing for us!


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  1. I saw the Vox is closed sign. It makes me sad. I only went back a couple times this past month because it make me so sad.

    Onward. Looking onward.


  2. A VOXing we will go
    A VOXing we will go…
    **whisper** **whisper**
    Ohhh… really? VOX closed? Well screw that then.
    Let’s get drunk instead.


  3. In that particular woodcut I always envisioned the angel spanking Adam and Eve with that sword. I don’t think we deserved any spanks, hmph.


  4. Posted by paikea on October 1, 2010 at 7:34 am

    i had my VOX as my home page on FF for the last several years – i clicked on the house and i was so sad to see the “we’re gone” sign – *sigh* – i guess it would be sadder if we weren’t mostly all here – but, still – weird – i screen capped my last post, so i had it to keep – i sort of feel like there’s a big whole in the webverse

    somebody mentioned getting drunk? yeah – sounds like a plan – i’ll toast to VOX *raises glass* (that it happens to be filled with lemon, honey and ginger tea is neither here nor there – perhaps i should go find some gin or vodka to spike it with)


  5. It is weird. Very weird. Old habits die hard


  6. I have still occasionally hit the vox screen on my page of favorites. Eventually as I no longer visit the (non) site, it will disappear off the fav’s screen and fade away. I still feel a little betrayed.


  7. I need to keep Vox in my bookmarks toolbar a little longer… It redirected me to my Typepad Pretend Vox account when I tried to sign on early yesterday.

    I’m sniffing but not too much… I tried not to go back too much after I absorbed the idea of being exiled.


  8. Dang, we had some Vox schwag around here somewhere: little enameled logos suitable for tying to a camera strap, PDA, keychain, etc. And buttons. Wish I could think where it all went—I’d offer to hand it out!


    • Posted by paikea on October 2, 2010 at 3:45 pm

      VOX schwag? – seriously? (you wouldn’t joke about a thing like that?) – please let me know if you find some – i would LOVE to even have a button!, phantomxii!


      • Really and truly. The sad part is we moved a while back, and a lot of things went into boxes and never came out. Arrgh! But I’ll have a look.


        • Posted by paikea on October 3, 2010 at 5:57 am

          oh, thank you SO much – if you find something to send something to me in NZ, i can reciprocate by sending you something from New Zealand! (except kiwis – i don’t think i can send you those – lol! – besides, they only come out at night, and i don’t think i could see one, let alone find one!)

          once a VOXer, always a VOXer – i miss it


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