Oh no

I can’t stand this.

I hope they find some way to deal with the garbage people that were his roommates, before they destroy any other lives.

But I can’t even hold onto my anger. This is just heartbreaking.

“Rutgers freshman kills self after classmates use hidden camera to watch his sexual activity

BY Alison Gendar and Larry Mcshane

A Rutgers University freshman killed himself after two classmates used a hidden dorm room camera to splash his sex life across the internet, sources told the Daily News.

A distraught Tyler Clementi, 18, left his wallet on the George Washington Bridge before plunging to his death in the Hudson River last Wednesday, sources said.

A Twitter post from one of the students accused of streaming the sexual encounter live on the internet indicated Clementi, a renowned high school violinist, was with another man.”

Only one roommate, and roommate’s friend from high school. Fun kids, going to the best schools and all.
And here:
Because tormenting your roommate ought to be a spectator sport.

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  1. Oh my GAWD! I heard that there was a GW bridge suicide last week but I hadn’t heard the back story. Oh that poor poor kid, my heart just aches for him. 😦 I have the urge to find these kids and bash their heads in!!


  2. This makes me feel sick and weepy. What a pair of sociopaths to have no consideration for this poor kid’s life. How did they think something like that would end?


    • How did they think something like that would end?

      Doesn’t matter.
      He was clearly bully bait, and hence their proper meat.
      Poor kid.
      What an utter waste

      (Did I ever mention that my gay daughter’s first two roommates moved out on her, one with lots of smirks and asides to buddies if she encountered Sair elsewhere. The next lot of kids in the suite were one bunch of see-no-evil, and a pair of psychopaths. But she had a very expensive) single room then. This year CROSS FINGERS AND SPIT she seems to have landed among human beings.)


      • Oh god, lauo.

        I am SO glad Sair is among some decent people now. Damn it, I am covered with goosebumps thinking of how horrible it must have been having those fucking loser roommates and suitemates.

        I would have expected college kids these days to be a bit more openminded and accepting of everyone. What a damn disappointment.


  3. My legs are numb and I can’t swallow away the lump in my throat.
    Oh lauo.


  4. Posted by Freedom Smith on September 29, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    That is horrific. Hopefully the students that did it can be charged because they taped him without his permission and caused him such agony that he killed himself. People can be so cruel. I cannot believe people do such hateful things….why do they do them….just so they can humiliate someone else. And the other guy in the video…I am sure his life is partly ruined as well. Perhaps he will charge them with a civil suit. I hope someone charges them! That is a hate crime. OK…I will stop. I just hate for people to be hurt so deeply, so needlessly.


  5. That’s so horrible. How could anyone do anything like that? I hope those two get exactly what they deserve


  6. So bad that they did what they did but even worse that society tells him this was the answer. So many young people are thrilled to get to college and leave all their fake high school friends behind so they can actually be themselves without fear and meet like minded people. This poor young man. So scared to be himself. Getting the death penalty for existing. I don’t worry about gay marriage as much as I worry about this happening.

    My rights are so much less of a concern to me than kids killing themselves. Hell, after almost 20 years and no legal protection. But I never wanted to kill myself for gay reasons or other reasons. He did not go quietly into that good night. He made it noisy and ugly and dirty and perhaps just a few million more people will see what their ignorance offers our youth. Be at peace young man. May your heaven await.


    • That it’s, DB, that’s what keeps me thinking about this. How fucking heart-rending that to him death seemed like the appropriate response. He felt so humiliated that instead of hiring a lawyer and suing those two down to their toenails, he killed himself.


  7. This is such a tragedy and such a cruel act !! Sometimes, some people’s stupidity and evilness is just impossible to understand!!!


  8. Posted by geologywoman on September 30, 2010 at 3:36 am

    I hope they charge those arseholes with something.


  9. What so many of you said, and what really tore at my heart was that this kid was made to feel so worthless that rather than feeling indignant and standing up to these horrible bullies he felt the only option was to take his life.
    And all these people spewing ever more and more hate in the media on every level just makes these kids feel worse and worse.



  10. I read the news reports of this earlier today – absolutely heartbreaking.
    I so often question the justice system in Australia but could not believe that the ones responsible for this are facing only 5 years each…my God, just one more injustice for this poor lad’s family to have to deal with.
    So so sad 😦


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