We need a moving in party! Could we get everyone to post party-related pix, you think? And then we could mingle around with fancy drinks and get comfortabuls with our new selves :)


Okay, I am instigated

I can start setting things up


wet stuff

other wet stuffs

maybe something bigger for the rest of us?


Mebbe room for sum pyrits, or rums, or such.

Looks like it nedz warming up.


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  1. Posted by Freedom Smith on September 11, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    Hey!! I think I have commented but wanted to make sure 🙂 I love the cat and the pool!!


  2. We’re only here 4 days and Lauo’s already posting wet pussy pictures.

    I don’t know how to put up photos yet. So I will have a cup of punch.


    • Have some punch.
      Not that you need it, after that remark.
      SOME of us restrained ourselves.
      Though I now wonder why…

      And look at the stoopid icons up above the text window when you are writing a new post.
      Hover over, and they will define themselves.

      You can haz video, and photos, and stuffz I haven’t investigated yet.
      And bullet-pointed lists.
      (What Fun!)


    • If people end up here looking for teh nawty, they are going to be waaaaay disappointed.


    • I’m still laughing everytime I read the pron that LT posted…..wet pu$$y pictures….bahaha!


  3. Did anyone bring catnip?


  4. Well, dah-umn, I missed the PARTAY.
    I had ta work early and went to bed. 😛

    Looks like fun though. Remember our first party on Vox where Bobavey peed in the houseplants?


  5. Confetti? We could always use confetti


  6. And strings of twinkly lights! And a pinata!


  7. I can only pop in for a moment — I’m out of town and doing some socializing there! Pyrit can have my share of the rum!


  8. And burn SixApart in effigy, like Guy Fawkes Day!


  9. I’ll bring the jello shots:) – plus bottles of vodka and chocolate chip cookies – and a wet Kiwi!


  10. Instigator, but not participator? That cannot be! *runs into the room with espresso-flavoured cupcakes, black russians, and loud music to wake everyone up again*


  11. […] LauWolf is having a “blog warming party“, and I thought I’d join in… if only because it gives me a chance to experiment […]


  12. Soemone sent us a “pingback” for the party.
    We are getting to be WP wizards!


  13. capnstephel —
    When is the conga line forming?

    Quick, before somebody lets in teh Monday!


  14. Buggrit. Missed the invite and it sounded like you all had so much fun. Ah well, there’s christmas coming.


  15. Posted by elizabethannewrites on September 14, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    I missed teh partay as well. sigh. nothing but a few chocolate chip cookie crumbs, some pool splashes, and some odd scorch marks that look as if they were caused by a blowtorch left.

    What *was* Pyrit doing with that blowtorch?

    Sits down with bookmole to wait for Christmas.

    (the gat formerly known as Morgat)


    • *runs around in manic circles*

      Get out the eggnog!!! Get out the tinsel!!! Christmas will be here before we know it!!!



      • Posted by paikea on September 15, 2010 at 8:07 am

        *fanning Lauri with the remnants of a giant chocolate chip cookie found under the couch*

        “Where’s that friggin’ bowl of Red Hots..and the blow torch? Maybe we can set them bunch of them on fire stick ’em under her nose!!”


      • AAAAAHHHH!! No Christmas! ::runs out of the room screaming::


  16. Oh NOAS!!!

    Rowdy I can take.

    But not CHRISTMAS!!!


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