Ah, still settling in

Pretty much everything straightened out from the Voxboxes.

Another video to fix the link, a little fussing, but it’s mostly there intact. Except the stuff the movers broke (a video from my camera, silly embedded stuffs.) Could be worse.

Current annoyances:

  • New Posts makes every return a double-space, and I haven’t figured where to shift it.
  • Peeps who needed new user names. Because I’m senile and can’t always remember. I’ll just have to learn how to sort it all out.

Looking through my neighbors, and checking posts it still seems that just a few Voxers may not  have heard: A really interesting person in Paris I liked to follow, who doesn’t post a lot;  A person with a huge blog of photos of Japan. No signs of life on their voxes, no responses to email proddings. Sigh.  Omelets and eggs and all, except that I hadn’t even wanted to make an omelet in the first place, and now I have all these broken eggs.

I keep sweeping through yet another, and another time trying to make sure I haven’t just stoopidly lost peeps. I will, of course. yet again check the database on the Yahoo group, comments on the WP blog, and try to be sure. And troll through my neighborhood, opening cupboards and closets, and making sure I haven’t missed one last peep.



17 responses to this post.

  1. Yeah.
    But today I was in a strangely good mood. Until work went down the toilet.

    I swear if I have to work around emergency room nurses much more I am going to go postal.


  2. Posted by robpixaday on September 11, 2010 at 12:41 pm


    Moving is such a big stress-causer.
    It’ll all get sorted out.
    Too bad there wasn’t a Welcome Wagon that came around to everyone with hot chocolate chip cookies and soft pillows for weary heads.


  3. We need a moving in party! Could we get everyone to post party-related pix, you think? And then we could mingle around with fancy drinks and get comfortabuls with our new selves 🙂


  4. You’re not the only one still settling in. I’m trying to thin out my pics since there’s a 3 gig limit and I have soooo many still linking to Vox. I think I’ll make it before the end of the month


  5. ah – you have to use CSS to put italics in – gah! – i’ll have to have that on a computer sticky – this is a bit of a learning curve!

    yes – the double spacing – NO clue how to stop that

    my other annoyance – can’t “pm” people anymore – now, i have to gather emails – *sigh*


  6. p.s. my head is so all over the place, i can’t even finish a reply in one

    i just sent a mass post to everyone over at VOX just to make sure i didn’t miss anyone – i found four more i’d missed *whew*


  7. I’m assuming October 1st I will have a sudden epiphany and discover I lost dozens of dear people.
    And have no clue.


    • yeah – i’m trying not to think about that – funny how stuff like that happens in a non-virtual move as well – this has been quite *real*, however – know what i mean?


  8. Are you talking about Apolline or Anto? (photos/Paris). They both went to TypePad. I was lucky to be able to use the same name both here on WordPress and on TypePad (which I used to backup everything I had on Vox because it would accept my zillions of photos without wanting to charge me!).

    I really miss the PM function of Vox.


    • Posted by paikea on September 13, 2010 at 7:11 pm

      hey Emjay – i miss the PM function of VOX, too – i thought about making email list, but that seems way too intrusive, except for the people i know who wouldn’t mind – gah! – i wonder if we all requested one from WPs admins, if they would consider it – i know they’ve been doing a bunch of changes this week – they know they’re just gotten a huge influx of people from VOX’s demise


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