And the next kitteh

Is the lovely and, as yet, still reclusive Sextus.

As theme music, queue in the Leave Me Alone song from Bedazzled.

Sextus is still pretty sure he wants no part of me, except maybe the part where I bring in the cat food.

It’s a little better. He’s stopped hiding when I come into the room, and I’ve even touched him. He washed the spot. Sigh.

(But I am a lovely boy. Eat your heart out, Food Bringer.)

Yes, I know this one is really too fuzzy, but it’s the one that really shows just how cross-eyed the boy is. As in really, really cross-eyed.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Sextus IS indeed silly looking.
    and utterly gorgeous.

    I feel so bad for Sair. must be torture leaving the house just as three brand new roommates come it.


  2. He is just plain beautiful! I love his white chin and feets. And his eyes are definitely different!

    He is such a lucky guy! šŸ˜€


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