And the Breakthrough Kitty!

Quintus (Quintilian? we’re calling him both) is a happy boy. He has sun.

The animal shelter did not have sunlight for kitties. Quint likes the sun.

The new quarters appear to be highly satisfactory. I had tried to resist getting two extra kittens (why?), and the rather desperate volunteer lady said they’d even be okay in a closet for a long time, since they’d spent most of their short lives in a kennel (together, the brothers). Probably she was right, and certainly it would have been better that than being killed. (They made it out by a whisker, with a day to spare). But they really, really like the space and variety of Sair’s room. And probably eventually the whole house, and the world.

She was a little worried, since they had been confined since they were tiny, that they might have a hard time learning to negotiate in a big space. Or even not really know how to play. Not to worry.

Time to play pounce and chase. First pounce.

I can’t get a good photo of chase, because it is just blurs.

If they aren’t asleep, they are playing, and they really don’t seem to be at all lacking in determination or invention. Or fluency of being in the world. They are incredibly athletic and graceful. It’s rather like watching otters: a stream of movement, supple and unceasing. And their minds are on all the time.

They have a pattern. Quint is the leader and pioneer. He’s into everything first. (And into everything.) Then comes Sextus, first watching his brother, then checking things out for himself. Then, usually, a second pass by Quint, in case Sextus found anything new. I think they have hit, pulled, shoved, sat on, or bitten, everything they can reach in the room. And they can reach pretty far. They also try to climb the wall.

It’s all his.

My suspicion is that they were kept together for Sextus’ sake. Sextus is much the more feral of the two, but prettier. Having his brother with him probably made him seem more potentially tame, and having his cuter brother probably was thought to improve Quint’s chances. Black cats can have a hard time of it. For whatever reason, I’m glad they did it, because the boys are very loving to each other. (And they also tolerate, and even play with, Doc!)

Apparently their story is that they were trapped as ferals at an Alley Cats Allies colony, kept at their trailer (?) for a while, and then moved to the Animal Shelter back in May. And all that time in a kennel together, with brief bouts in the exercise room – where apparently they just tried to hide. They had lots of handling, but not much of it voluntary.

The shelter volunteers were telling me to just grab them and pat them. My take on it, though, is that I can’t have cats I need to grab, they have to be willing to come to me. So I’ve been being non-threatening, and talking to them all the time, and just waiting for them to figure things out. Which hadn’t been happening yet.

So here is the Big News:

That is Quint. On my lap. And here too:

My person is mine.

He did tell Doc to back off when he turned up wanting to share the lap. Doc, luckily, is utterly unflappable, and just settled in on the other side.

This morning Quint suddenly decided that I was mom, and all the volunteers at the shelter, and maybe even myself too, and I belong to him. He climbed into my lap, crawled into my hair, found my shoulder and armpit, and generally has tamed me for good. He likes being patted and chomping on ears and fingers. All the hours of work by all those volunteers has paid off. The connections clicked in his little head.

Actually, he both licks and chomps. He’s still a baby.

I think probably Sextus will come around soon. He was watching all this very closely. And walked around me carefully, checking things out. Maybe not today, but soon.


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  1. Posted by Freedom Smith on September 6, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    I love the kitty pics!! He seems fully in charge in the picture where his arm is laying over the blue blanket!!


  2. Most excellent news!


  3. Posted by elizabethannewrites on September 6, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    Just saw your post on Vox, and the magic words “There are kittens” made me dash over here pronto! And what wonderful kittens they are! Sextus will come around, I’m sure of it. We had two kittens who’d been born in an inaccessible space, and had spent their young lives hissing at anyone who looked at them. When they were eventually removed from said inaccessible space they were *wild*. I did the “being patient” and showing them that their mother liked being patted… and one day, I stood on the step and called their names, and they pelted across the yard to me.

    I need to say this, even though it isn’t a handy-dandy option — [This is good].


  4. Posted by elizabethannewrites on September 6, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    (Meant to say, that comment was from the gat formerly known as Morgat.)


  5. This is FANTASTIC! Best news I have heard in days and days! πŸ˜€
    Quint looks so much like my Stringbean!
    And String’s brother, Dar, was a really bad chomper for a long time, but he has finally grown out of it!

    I am SO happy for these two kitties, lauo.

    *goes away smiling*


    • Quint is just lovely.
      Glossy and (though he’s still half-sized) loooooong.
      And he’s got a tiny, tiny white bikini too.
      I’ll try to get a photo eventually.


      • Oooo… a tiny white bikini! πŸ™‚

        String has no white hairs, but Dar has a collar of white hairs around his chest! No pictures will show that!

        Both are very shiny and skinny (genetically), though! And beautiful!


        • I’ll try to get a picture of it soon.
          The silly camera battery died.
          And it’s a hard spot to get a photo of, if it’s showing, he’s rolling around.

          They are very slinky.


  6. Aren’t they sweet and happy! Quint may be a drooler in the making… πŸ™‚


    • Hi, Jay!!!
      I have many droolers around here.
      Eli was the first and biggest drooler. Now Luna, Gree and Dar are all competing in the drooling contest! πŸ˜€


  7. SO joyful!!! I cant go anywhere near the shelter, I will walk away with too many animals. I just love them SO much and would not be able to say no. Mr. L says only 2 cats (and our turtle) they will have to do. But that does not stop him from putting food out for the strays in the neighborhood. πŸ™‚ If one of those cats wanted to come in he could never say no.


    • I’d been doing pretty well, just going to checking for Nikki-the-Missing.
      But Doc did some kind of Jedi mind trick on me.
      And then the Brothers were facing doom.
      And, and.
      Yeah, it is not a safe place to visit.


  8. Posted by littleoddme on September 7, 2010 at 2:42 am

    They’re wonderful, and so lucky to have you.


  9. I’m so happy that Quint has found his mom! They’re all going to be so happy at their new home. πŸ™‚


  10. This is so amazingly awesome. Your quiet, loving energy was just what they needed.

    I love it that they are so “normal” despite their confinement. It’s so hopeful.


  11. These kittens are gorgeous – and so lucky to have you as the mum.


  12. Posted by geologywoman on September 7, 2010 at 7:17 am

    Beautiful kitties. I love the play photos and the stance of the one on the right. Panther!
    Quint on the lap photos are lovely. Purr…


  13. hooray for Quint!

    he’s very sleek. I wonder if he’s some part Abyssinian.
    I bet his mom was slutting around with several gentlecat callers


    • There is definitely some Siamese or something going on there.
      They are utterly Up Cats.
      (I’m not kidding about trying to climb the walls…. They want the ceiling!)
      And Quint definitely has that head.
      It’s a little harder to see in Sextus, but still there.

      I think their mom was just sampling all the available DNA to construct the best litter.


  14. The kittehs are awesome. I have to go to bed now, as it’s 1:30am here and we have a ridiculously long car day tomorrow, but i just wanted to make sure I commented on your wonderful adopted kittehs. They are beautiful furries! We have to go get ourselves a kitteh at the NZSPCA/or another shelter soon. We miss our kitteh, but it’s time. I want to snuggle!!


  15. [this is good]
    Yay kitteh pics and stories! Great news for you! It’s feeling a little more homey over here with pet news. He’s very cute πŸ™‚


  16. Posted by robpixaday on September 7, 2010 at 5:22 pm

    Absolutely adorable and sweet!!!!


  17. [this is good]

    Love the sunny pics!


  18. Hey…princesskasren from vox…here is my new page


  19. I read this, cming from the link in Vox….and ohhhh my God, I m in LOVE!!!!! they are both cutelicious, and I love Sextus crossed eyes….
    I am with you in not having to pick them up, I rather they come to me…
    A long time ago, when I met my upstairs neighbour, she explained the difference in between cats and dogs: Dogs have owners, Cats have staff.
    They pick us.
    And ohh my…would I love to have been there when Quint picked you…
    never mind the blur in the pics, keep’em coming πŸ™‚
    I’m glad to be in touch again, oh God, I didnt realize I missed Vox so much…


    • Hey!
      Good to have you back.
      What really got me, at the shelter, after I’d gotten the rap from the volunteer, was looking in the kennel and there was a row of four orange eyes looking at me.
      And two of them were crossed.
      I don’t know whether Sextus will ever really warm to me (he’s still suspicious), but they came home with me under his orders.
      I think there are complex currents in their relationship.
      So good to hear from you again – hope everything is going well for you.


      • hey πŸ™‚
        I succesfully (I think LOL) transfer Vox to here…it wouldn’t let me be MrsPeel though, but I’m trying to sort out some stuff, having computer problems and not very happy about it, but at least I have the blog transfered and not scared it will all lost…

        They (Quintus and Sextus) make me wanna go to the Cat Protection League and go rescue one (or three) my health is considerably decliing though, only things that’s stopping me on it..
        I m gonna need to spend some time into personalizing my page, not in a very good mood at the mo so I’ll leave it for when I feel better…but reading this post made me feel a lot better and got me goinh awwwwww which is good πŸ™‚


  20. Ooookay, pretty much completely unspeakably cute. So glad they both got a chance at your house!


  21. Looongcat!

    Up cat!

    Good thing you have high ceilings.

    Hooray for pettings.


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