Ah, lemme see now

I have bunches of housekeeping to do.

Both here on non-virtual, sigh.

And managed to get Sair’s bug and am now head ache-sneezing-and general ick, so this will go slooooowly.

Have to figure out how things transferred and all.

Have to move into my blog properly and find backgrounds and all that.

Have to see if there is some better way to see you guys’ posts then just inching through “Read-o-Matic” It slices, it dices, it shows one bloody post at a time, and you have to click yet again to comment. Or is there a better way I am just not seeing?

I can live with it, if I must, but I WANT MY NEIGHBORHOOD PAGE BACK. Or a reasonable facsimile.

Meanwhile, I’m off getting more tea and aspirin and tissues.

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  1. Posted by robpixaday on September 5, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    Feel better soon!!!!

    There’s a lot to do, setting up a new community. It’s head-spinning.
    I wish I could help with the Readomatic. I’ve been here 4 years (or so?) and didn’t know it existed until yesterday.
    All I ever did was post. No one was here to read, that I knew.

    btw: your tags are making me giggle.


  2. hey lauwolf:

    feel better soon!! – i’m dealing with lots of spring allergies right now, in addition to the fact that my ears refuse to unblock from the airplane trips with a blocked middle ear for several weeks – it is driving me nuts!!!

    i’m not even home right now, and i’ve been scrambling to deal with this changeover – gah!!

    housecleaning is overrated:)

    i just posted this on another former Voxer’s blog – hope it’ll help:)

    read-o-matic – not helpful to me at all either

    okay – to putting the list/links of your bloggee friends on the side: go up to My Blog; go to Dashboard; on the left side, under Appearance, click on Widgets, you should see a bunch of blue buttons, find the one that says “Links” or “Blogroll” – i think you can change the name on it, so i can’t remember which one it is to start with; drag it to the right sidebar button and place it in whatever order you want; then, find Links in the menu above the appearance menu on the left side, click on that and click the “Add New” button above – this was easier than i thought, because you can, of course, just cut and paste:) – i just did this yesterday – it will put your list of people/links on your profile – but – try to find a “theme” first – changing it up afterward can mess with your widgets, so you’ll end up redoing this!! -which sucks obviously

    the widget page is really important, i think – also, you COULD make a new “menu”/tab with one of those widgets and add links to the tab if you don’t want a “Blogroll” right on your main blog page – i thought about that, but i didn’t know

    hmm – what else – oh yeah – i got this from Snowy on how to put your Subscribe button up:

    Snowy: “It seems as though you have to have a Subscriptions widget in your sidebar to allow people to subscribe to your blog, or become a neighbour in Vox language. To do this you need to click on My Blogs at the top, then on the arrow pointing to Dashboard, then select Appearance, and then Widgets. Select the Blog Subscriptions widget, and then drag to your sidebar. Others may know a better way to do this, so please comment if you do. And no, saying the F word several times doesn’t work. I already tried that.”


  3. Pooh! Sorry you got that nasty bug! Aaron and I (younger son) shared an awful stomach bug last month. Not acute, but it was a long slow time to get our appetites back.

    Feel better soon, please!

    OOO, I see a bunch of instructions from e/p above me here….I’m going to copy them. I have so far been completely unable to get anything to show up in my sidebars!


  4. Check the Blog Surfer page. That’s fairly close to the neighborhood page.

    Feel better soon!


  5. Feel better soon! *miao purrs*

    I’ll have to look at those instructions in the comment too. I haven’t figured out how to keep track of other blogs yet, and there are so many different things to click on and stuff over here on WordPress that I’m overwhelmed. And I don’t even know what a widget is.


    • Look at the comment I just left for Lauowolf to learn how to build your own neighborhood here on WordPress. It’s actually pretty simple and a very cool feature. Leave me a comment over at my place if you need any more help, at least with the Blog Surf feature. I’m still learning the other stuff myself.


  6. Gaaaaah….hope you feel better soon. For sure there’s so much to figure out when you move into a new blog.

    I really like the blog surfer feature. Click on your “My Blog” button on the toolbar. From there click on the “Dashboard” in the dropdown. Once you get to the Dashboard page, click on Blog Surfer. There’s a field where you can enter the URL of any WordPress Blog you want to regularly view. It’s actually pretty awesome and easy to scroll through. Maybe not pretty, but highly functional.

    Hope that helps. Take care.


  7. ((hugs)) I hope you feel better soon!

    Its a tough move, isn’t it? I hope we’ll all get by with a little help from friends.

    If you have a Google account, you might try adding all the blogs to Google reader- it has a good format, listing all the blogs you subscribe to on the left and the actual posts on the right- you can read the whole post right there in the reader if you like. Also, you can access it in places that have otherwise blocked blog platforms.

    I’m going to use eviltwit’s advice above to try and create a ‘Voxers’ page.


  8. Hello fellow ex-voxer! I moved over to type pad and I like it, it has all the things that I liked about vox but, instead of neighbors you have followers and it’s fairly easy to keep track of them. the ONLY thing i miss on TypePad is the option to post things privately, to either just friends or just family.


  9. hey Lauwolf – i just did a post on how to put up a background/wallpaper for people who’s themes aren’t letting them 🙂


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