Well this sucks

I will go set up the whatever where-ever, and collect everyone’s  new info and all.
Is this typepad thing the best option?

(If it doesn’t take photo/video, that’s bad…. other options peeps?)

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  1. I think typepad is okay unless Six Apart decided to shut them down next. A lot of people are gonig to WordPress.


  2. I am doing worpress as Vox was easy to inport there and there are lots of Voxers moving there. At first, it is frustrating, but after a little while, things start to fall into place. I opened an account there. To add friends, you to to the upper left hand side of page and put the cursor over the down arrow next to "my account". Click on "global dashboard." Then click on blog surfer on the left hand side of that page. That is where you add friends. But you need to know their name, not their url. So, in blog surfer, you would put freedomsmith5 and push add and it would add. If you type in a wrong name it will tell you that they cannot find it. if you type in a name of someone that has a private blog, it will tell you you need an invitiation.


  3. I’m heading over to WordPress. If you come over, let me know so that I can add you to the list of people that can see my blog


  4. I have found my way here. Am going to be navigating from RedZ diaspora page for a couple days, probably.


  5. I think WordPress is better. At this point, I'm not sure I'd trust TypePad


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