Hey, I’m here now

I’ll start unpacking and figuring stuff out later.

But I’ve got all the boxes in, the power’s on.

So fine, sorta.


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  1. !yay!
    seems to have imported all the boxes from VOX.

    it’s a start.

    and you still owe us pics of Doc settling at home.


    • Dang, it looks as if I am approving comments.
      Gotta turn that off.

      Yep, have to go get pix.
      I just spent a week getting Sair hauled back to NYU.
      Dragging all her stuff out of storage and to her dorm in hellish heat.
      And she got sick too.
      So that was fun.

      Will go get photos so I can figure that out here too.


  2. I *think* the default for approving comments is something like this:

    – if you approve the first comment by someone, say, me


    – no approval is needed for further comments by me

    let’s check that theory. if not, I’ll just have to dig where in the dashboard is the comment policy.


    aww, poor Sair. must have been awful.


  3. *walks in* *steps around boxes* Helllloooooo!

    I have now bookmarked you, and I’m on the diaspora list as well, so should be okay. What a day this has been! Yeeps. Glad we’re able to keep in touch, even if not as seamlessly as before.

    Talk to you later!


  4. Ah, here you are, not approved a second time, but all visible and posted.

    Yeah, Sair’s still sick.
    She went and oriented freshmen, and directed move-in traffic, all sick as a dog.
    In addition to dragging stuff over half the city.

    Now she has to finish setting up for the SciFi club.
    And start classes.
    Oh, that.

    And settle into the room, and “bond” with her random roommate.
    Who is basically just there from off a housing list, and trapped because NYU had dorm fail.
    (Apparently no one considered that selling a dorm to the med school and not replacing the beds might pose a problem…)

    She seemed like a nice enough kid, tho she went through a lot of beer/vodka overnight.
    Maybe it was a party.
    (Sair was off in the hotel with me, because of AC fail in the dorm room, and cos I like being with her.)

    So now we will see how the whole having a gay roommate flies – the two in London moved out hastily and weren’t replaced.
    But London dorms had extra rooms.
    It may be interesting.


    • I would par-tay if suffering from dorm fail and my new roomie was absent. Just from the stress and then finally having space.

      My random college roomie and I were cordial, very friendly but not friends. We would have roomed together the next year had I not married. Same taste in music, same level of party enthusiasm (mild, and never in our room). We successfully shared a fridge.


    • Posted by freedomsmith5 on September 5, 2010 at 12:38 am

      Hi, Lauowolf. I was putting your name in the wrong place on blog surfer. I found you now. My head is muddled with so much new information!! I want to learn how to list people on the right side of the page. do you know??


  5. Hi – it’s all frantic isn’t – everyone racing around vox getting organised!!


  6. Now that I know how to pronounce your name, I’m totally gonna stalk you over here. Look out!


  7. Nice to see you over here…..


  8. hey!! – well, there you are:)


  9. I just added you.


  10. Posted by robpixaday on September 4, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    I see you!!!!!!


  11. Hi!! So Nice to see you again!


  12. Posted by freedomsmith5 on September 5, 2010 at 12:30 am

    I am having trouble adding you to the blog surfer. I don’t know why?? Do they have a limit?


  13. Hooray! I found you, too!
    I have somehow set my first page at WP as an old post from a couple of weeks ago.
    It might take me awhile to move that. 😛


  14. *wave* You made it!


  15. Ah, this looks like the right place. Hi lauowolf! 😀


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