NYT typo – ack, ack, ack

Or, Why You Can’t Just Rely on Spellcheck.

“I’ve seen all the smiles — you know: It’s a good dream. It can’t compete. It’s too expensive,” said Prime Minister José Sócrates, recalling the way Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister, mockingly offered to build him an electric Ferrari. Mr. Sócrates added, “The experience of Portugal shows that it is possible to make these changes in a very short time.”

from here:

I mean, I’m sure he’s smiling too, but….

(edited to add – It’s a pretty interesting article.)

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7 responses to this post.

  1. I keep waiting for somebody else to do it, but I guess I'll just ask myself. Where's the typo? Is "smiles" supposed to be something else?


  2. lol—i am glad I'm not the only one wracking my brain….


  3. Oh my god. Thanks, Lurkie. And M-dashes. And cranky. I was looking and thinking and hurting myself. All the while thinking it IS an interesting article! Good for Portugal! *smiles*


  4. I think it makes more sense as "smiles".


  5. Ya know, looking at it two cups of coffee and several hours of being awake later, I think M—— is prolly right.Note to self: please to finish waking up before posting!


  6. Yeah, I realized, "no, that'd be metaphors at best… is it not a typo?"


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