Having this stoopid brace thing on my right hand

I have come to wonder.
How do left-handed people cope with blue jeans?
The placket is faced wrong for my left hand, and I can’t use my right thumb at all.
I may just stay in my jammies for the next two weeks.

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8 responses to this post.

  1. Ugh..oh, no.
    Be good to yourself.


  2. I never thought of the left handed thing and jeans. Damn!


  3. I think it's great to have an excue to stay in your jammies.


  4. Hiya Lauo! I agree with Laurie!
    Tony and I went to the swimming pool one day and he didn't tell me he had promised to sing at our church picnic until the last minute, right? We jump outta the pool and haul hiney back home. He threw some dry clothes on, but I just had enough time to dry off and put a pair of jammie bottoms on. The pastor was wondering "where is your mom?" and he told him, and his wife, that I was home in my pjs!


  5. It's surprising how much you need your thumbs


  6. The only thing I've ever come to loath as a left handed person are ladles with a spout. I can't do it with my right hand without making a mess. Other than that, you don't think about it.I, too, vote for jammies, though, but that's with or without the use of both hands.


  7. We are used to doing everything bassackwards. Screwdrivers are the enemy of the left inclined.


  8. I just go around without pants on …… and I'm right-handed anyway …


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