Halp, It’s Eating my Japanese Maple!

It’s very pretty:

There appear to be oblong fruits starting above the old flowers.
Which is all very nice, but it has ambitions.

The little spirally green tendrils are pulling it up the maple tree, and I’m wondering whether that s a good idea.
Anyone recognize this?

I saw some growing over in Golden Gate park, but I don’t know whether that means it is a desireable planted thing, or whether they have weeds too.

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8 responses to this post.

  1. I have no idea what it is, but do the little flowers smell sweet?


  2. We couldn't figure out what it is either.It has BIG ambitions. It's climbing way up a couple stories and spreading wide.If it's anything like our passion fruit vines, you're going to need to rip it out regularly. I swear you can hear those things grow.


  3. I think it's a pretty little passion vine. Compare with this, this and this for instance


  4. I agree with Drude. Passionfruit. If your japanese maple is small, the vine (especially once laden with fruit) can break or permanently reshape branches. If you don't mind doing it, you can just unwind the vine and carefully wrap it back around the trunk or larger branches of the tree. You can also just pick the young fruit off once the pretty flowers have gone. Better still, if you want to get rid of it all together – just follow the vines back to the ground and dig the plant up – they don't do well with transplanting.


  5. Passion fruit it is then.If it's pretty tough, I can just pull down the tallest bits, perhaps.Thanks, all!


  6. Lots of geniuses around here! 🙂


  7. It's so delicate and pretty.


  8. That was my thought, though the different color of flower from mine mildly confused me.YES. You will have to keep it out of the maple. It's fairly easy to rip loose if you keep on it. And as LOM said, you can encourage it to go elsewhere.If the fruits are hooman-edible, then you'll have something new to nom. TK will help, you've seen him do it.


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