Scary time

Here is a photo of me, I’d guess about 1968:

And here is Sair, same age.
(And here there were some little clips of avi files which didn’t make it over from vox, so I’ll just take them out, since they never really worked….)Ah, well, it was really nifty, if you ever get to see it.

Le Sigh

Here, this works:

Edit to add this:

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10 responses to this post.

  1. She looks just like you…at least what I remember from photos of her! 😉


  2. She has gorgeous hair.


  3. That is amazing. She is beautiful! Sorry the video's did not work. Sounds like my luck with such things. Fun to see a picture of you from 1968!


  4. Wow, looks like one and the same… do people tell you guys you look alike?


  5. When I saw the pic of you at the top I thought you looked so much like the photos you posted of Sair quite awhile ago. Then I saw the pic of Sair at the bottom. No doubt about it!! She does have very beautiful hair.


  6. Well, actually it's now about an inch long.(It'll grow back) "Go right ahead."Pretty cute short too.I hadn't realized how much we looked alike til I came across the old photo of me.Yikes.


  7. From all the photos I've seen Sair had so much style. I bet she looks great with really short hair.


  8. Wow! You two do look a lot alike. Hehe, when I was in elementary school and my mom would come get me or whatever, she’d get the “are you S’s mom?” “Yes, what did she do”? “Nothing. She just looks like you.”


  9. Lovely girls in the photos.


  10. Better late than never, but this one shows it a bit disturbingly.


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