And in other news

In between painting stuff.

I saw my sister when she passed through town – a brief break for Indian chaat lunch and chatting.
Got Sair started on her summer class (Dante).
Moved an assortment of stuff from now-unfurnished rental to my house, where it is replacing the less functional stuff we had.
Mostly meaning that I am shuffling around furniture and muttering.
Took all the more worn fabric stuff to the Animal Shelter for bedding.
Since I’m still checking there regularly.

Because we still haven’t found Nikki.
I am off to leaflet houses in a targeted areas later today.
It’s a bit complicated since a lot of the area is actually big apartment units and dorms, but I’ll improvise.
I’ve postered up there dozens of times, but the signs just get pulled off.
I am still thinking he may make it home eventually.

We lost Silmi, my awful tortie girl
She was, indeed, the Worst Cat Ever – peed on any cloth and rugs on floor, and if there was no cloth just chose random corners.
But we are sorely missing her.
She had an abscess and underlying problems (kidney?) and just slipped away.
Ornery to the end, of course.
We were keeping her inside because she seemed shaky, but when my sister came over I was distracted and forgot to close her in.
So she went out the cat door, and spent her last afternoon out under the rosebushes in the sun.
She still had her purr at 5am that night, but slipped into a coma about 6.
For an Ebil Kitty she was very loving, and – despite the ruined rugs – I’m glad we had her.

Tom had forgotten that when her previous owner died, her other possible home was another friend’s family.
The notable story about said friend.
Years ago the woman knew future hubby was the “right one” because he solved a problem for her.
She had two fish, and one of them seemed to be bullying the other.
So while she was out, he flushed it.
Kinda glad Ebil Kitty didn’t go there.
She had constant laps, lots of pattings, and she outlived her nemesis, Motley, which means She Won.

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16 responses to this post.

  1. Too many people think the solution to a problem pet is to get rid of it. That's just wrong…even if it's only a fish. Grrrr.So it looks like Ebil Kitty ended up in the right home. That's nice. And you can't argue with spending your last afternoon under a rosebush. Still, sorry for your loss.


  2. awwww. Ebil till the end, that's a great tortie epitaph. You can come pet mine if you need more orneriness.Idiot Kitty is having a high old time somewhere.((hugs))


  3. Awww sorry about Silmi. May she RIP. Ditto M—–l about getting rid of pets!


  4. Awwww, RIP Ebil Silmi! My ol' guinea pig, Princess Cypress, was evil to the core. She chomped on anything and anyone she could get her chompers on. But she had spirit and I admired her strong personality. Ash called her Nazipig. Even Ebil pets need homes. Hugs and love to you for sharing yours with Silmi. My son has moved home and his ex-girlfriend was taking her cat, Jazzy, to the animal control shelter because the people she was moving in with had someone who was allergic. She didn't even offer to give Jazzy to Aaron. Luckily he found out and we now have Jazzy safely here with us. Four dogs, seven cats and counting. Come Home, Nikki. Enough is ENOUGH!I was sure last week that we had lost Stringbean. He was gone four days and nights. We are all woods and fields around here, so I figured owl or coyote. Nope. He turned up the fourth night. Heartwrenching and I am hoping for the best for you guys!


  5. Oh man, I am so glad your son is rid of that beotch! How could she do that, knowing him and his family?!


  6. I know. Sigh. And she is keeping Kida, the younger sister of Leo, the Golden Hound. I told Aaron to make it very clear to her that if she gets tired of taking care of her dog we will take her. People. They always live up to my expectations of them, dammit.


  7. Although animals move, breathe, are alive – so many people still see them as inanimate toys. They'll think nothing of ignoring them, setting them aside – just like putting discarded furniture on the sidewalk.I'm yearning, and waiting and hoping for Nikki's return! I'm thinking it will happen, too – hang in there!


  8. I know you know the story, but it bears repearting. When my ex decided that Elvis was being too much of a problem – unhappy and peeing all over the place – he asked if I wanted him back. Elvis, not my ex. Of course I did!
    And you know the rest – he lived happily ever after. Ex could have easily not asked me, but he did and for that I'm grateful. This Thursday will be one year since I said goodbye to him.
    RIP, Silmi. Or in Rest in Ebil, whatever may your preference be!
    Here's more hoping that Nikki shows up soon!


  9. One whole year since Elvis passed over. Wow. I'm so glad your ex had the braincells to ask if you wanted him back! There is some good in everyone!


  10. Silmi is a beautiful name. (((Silmi)))I had an ebl kitter too. Picabo my tux kitty. She was such a love at heart but a tyrannical pee vixen.OK Nikki! Joke's over buddy!!!I've had "lost" signs taken down too. What is wrong with people?Dante!!!!!


  11. My condolences for Silmi and all good mojo that is possible for Nikki to come home already!!


  12. She was very lucky to have had you as her people, loving her to the very end no matter what, come hell or high pee. She's loving you back from Valhalla.


  13. Aw…I am so sorry for your loss. Sounds like she had a lovely day, though. Bless.


  14. Sorry for your loss. We had a cat who developed CRF at 12-years. According to the web, you can prolong their lives via constant injections of saline solution. I couldn't put him through that … and he went peacefully in his favorite napping spot.


  15. Sorry to hear about Simi. And about Nikki, what a trying time this must be. Your cats are lucky to have you.
    We still have an Ebl kitteh. Watson, he jumps up and down inside the water bowl while we're asleep, and he stares at me like that dog Eddie on the show Frasier.


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