Bay Area Peeps – Need Stuff?

Cos I’m emptying a house now.
Currently it is all up a bunch of stairs, but possibly movers will stash it in a garage on Tuesday.
It would be way better if it went this weekend tho.

There is this stuff.
All of it sorta your mom’s department store good stuff.
(I already have a house full of stuff.)


A bedroom set.
King-sized bed, tall and short dressers, bedside tables, wall mirror.

 long dresser  with wall  mirrorStandard king frameDresser - tall

And a dining room set:

There are eight of those chairs, and I think the table has a leaf.

And china for 8.

There is other stuff.

Anyway, if you wanted it.
And could get it this weekend.
Or at least before Wednesday.

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19 responses to this post.

  1. Holy cow, how long will it take me to come pick up that table? I only live in Connecticut! :PDo you know about freecycle, in case no vox peeps want them?


  2. That stuff actually looks very cool! But my house is stuffed and I am in Michigan. We have a aboveground swimming pool we are thinking of putting on Craigslist if someone wants to come pick it up themselves!


  3. Our house is already overstuffed. Which is why I didn't take my mom's stuff. Or china.No bookshelves?


  4. Any king-size sheets available?Everyday silverware?


  5. Wow – *love* the long dresser and I could really do with drawers…. sadly, I live on the other side of the country.


  6. Yes – King-sized sheets, white and some sort of offwhite.Yes – Silverware, everyday, couple of sets togetherI can stash these into a bag for you to look over with waffles.Also:there are also king-sized quilts/blankets1. there is a king-sized quilt mostly blue and white, a bit pastel-like but all cotton and pretty nice, has some pillowcases, 2. there is a lighter quilt, more like a coverlet, white background, with dark blue, maroon and green figures, with needlework designs, a bit worn but rather cool, also cotton, with some pillowcases3. there is a nifty dark brown pasley-ish bedspread, polyester, but quite good shape – I think it has a bedskirt and pillowcases that coordinate but don't entirely match.There are also vast numbers of margarita glasses (?).11 at this house, another dozen or so over at Tom's mom's house.I find this baffling.There is a smallish mahogany bookcase.A bit beat up.Maybe like four feet tall, 20 inches wide.There's a drawer across the top, and maybe four shelves.It's almost nifty enough to keep, but we have no room.


  7. Are madly freecycling stuff.It's like wack-a-mole, every time I turn around I swear there is more stuff.China walked out the door this afternoon, along with bunches of random stuff.It will all go away.AND, got one hideous bathroom painted.It was bright yellow with weird brown and tan tile. With bits of underlying pre-historic green paint showing around edges.I understand how awful landlord white is, but there are worse things.And tenants have permission to paint.


  8. I don't need margarita glasses, but do hold onto the bedding for me, kthx. I'll take a gander at the silverware — what I <i>really</i> need are the long skinny ice tea spoons. And other oddments. Don't need knives.When are you available for French toast &c ? Call after noon.


  9. French toasts after the 1st.Madly painting rooms and disposing of stuffs til then.How many ice tea spoons?(Have some, never use.)


  10. Okey doke, next month it is.Will take many ice tea spoons — only have 2, could use another 6-8 easy. Matchingks unnecessary.good luck w/painting.


  11. LT is hittin' the icetea spoon lottery! 🙂


  12. yay!Srsly, day before yesterday, I was cleaning off one of my two whole ice tea spoons and thinking "I have gotta hit up the thrift stores and try to get more". We are always stirring or scooping tall things.


  13. I have paint in my hair.Sigh.Will dig out long spoons and assess situation as soon as it doesn't hurt when I move.


  14. You can do it, girl! Save the LT longspoons!!! I am sure those are something the Vikings invented! :)lauo, you have my admiration. You are accomplishing so much and I am in my Summer Hibernation. 🙂


  15. I am with you on that table. I would at least use it as a work table…so Gothic! Heathcliff…roll me a ciggy.


  16. Is it white paint? LOL.


  17. I want that table. I would have to flight LOM over it…we could share it.


  18. Oh no – I don't want to fight you over it. Tell you what, I'll be generous and give you the larger portion of it! You can keep the top, I'll take the legs… 😛


  19. Heehee. LOM Solomon of Vox.


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