There are good things going on

The Feral Brothers have pretty much decided they live on my porch.
Loper (black and white guy) lets me scratch him on his chin.
He thinks I’m a little weird to want to, but if I catch him half asleep he likes it.
Toby is a titch more wild.
But he just let me put an offering of baby food right next to him on his chair and didn’t run off.

Silmi, who has got to be at least sixteen, has put back on some weight and now goes outside for a long time some days.
So she now looks more like this again, rather than rather scary.
I hadn’t expected her to make it through the winter, but she’s like a new cat.
She jumps again.
Whatever digestion thing was broken has been fixed by the new diet, and she’s happy.
Oh, and Motley – my beloved guy who was her enemy – died this winter, so she won.
(Did I mention she’s a Tortie?)

We are finally getting through the log jam (paper jam?) in clearing up Tom’s family’s stuff.
By the end of the summer all the junk will be gone, the paperwork finished, and I can concentrate on getting my own house in order – both figuratively and literally.
It all takes about five times longer than it seems possible, but it does move.

And Sair’s home for the summer.
A little the worse for wear after a really rough spring, but here and I think recovering.
I would not go through first love again, not for anything.
She’s helping with the family stuff clean up.
There are closets full of every gift box, and all wrapping paper. Not one closet, closets. At his mom’s house and at his aunt’s house.
We are madly recycling it all.
In July she’s doing a quick Dante in English course.
Maybe the two of us will follow along in Italian as well.
Should be fun.

So it isn’t all gloom.

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7 responses to this post.

  1. Isn't Dante that big Politician figure?


  2. We need a more-recent, less-scrawny picture of Loper.Glad to hear the tortie princess has regained control of her digestion. I used to know an orange cat who was determined to outlive her (younger) arch-enemy, and did.We need French toast soon.


  3. Ya know, regular meals or not, he's still kinda scrawny.I mean, I put out lots of food.Any time I see either of the brothers, I stick out food, but they have places to go, things to do, and miss a fair number of meals.Loper's a little more solid than Toby – Toby is like a kitty tadpole!(BTW Loper actually snuck in and slept on an inside chair during that last spell of rain.He saw us notice him, but decided to ignore it.The boy probably won't ever be strictly tame, but he's not real wild either.) Yes, French toasts, definitely needed.


  4. glad some things are working out 🙂 Ah, tortie power…it is a force of nature! Loper might need some de-worming in his gushyfood?


  5. Some sunshine among the clouds always makes things a little easier to handle


  6. It all takes about five times longer than it seems possible, but it does move. So true!I hope you have fun with your daughter. I agree about "first love". It sucked! Much kudos for the kitty care.


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