A nasty lousy summer

Back from another evening’s postering off near campus.
There’s got to be a better way to do this.

I’m, perhaps pointlessly, optimistically expecting Nikki back some time.
He hasn’t turned up at the shelter.
I’d thought maybe he was just off the streets, rescued again, but he seems to be displaying more street smarts than I’d have expected.
Assuming that was him that was spotted over at the dorms.
But enough is enough, and I want him home.
Everybody misses him.

His best buddy Boe isn’t going to be with us too much longer.
(As I said, it’s being a really lousy summer.)
Boe’s lump has finally resolved itself into a squamous cell carcinoma on his right lower jaw.
It had everyone baffled, for one thing because he’s only three.
(I found something on-line saying median age for this in cats is 12.)
For another the growth is atypically involved with his jawbone.
Apparently this kind of thing usually means the bone starts getting all fragile and eaten through.
Instead his lump is all bone, hard enough they could scarcely get a sample.

There is nothing to do.
Cats need jaws.
For now he’s fine.
Looks a bit like Jay Leno, and missing most of those lower teeth, but perfectly cheerful.
He’s eating, grooming, and running about being a happy cat.
It’s all watching and spoiling and all.
I’d get him the moon, am getting him babyfuds and chicken and tunas, and very much want to get him his idiot friend back.

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6 responses to this post.

  1. Ugh. Sorry it's being a pisser.


  2. It's all undone. Things need to be tied back together.
    Take care and hugs.


  3. It's only the future-pointing stoopid apes who have issues with all this.Boe himself is happy as a clam, though missing his playmate.My other cats are all glum elders by comparison, so Boe has been wandering down the street to hang out with the tabby kitten guy some students got this spring.I'm trying to learn from him to live in the moment – just scratch him on his furry belly and not worry about tomorrow.


  4. ((((((((hugs))))))))


  5. You are a kitty angel.


  6. That is a good lesson. To live in the moment. It's such a good one that I get daily from my aminals. Having so many of them, I feel like I have been through quite a few "passings"….well, I guess I literally have. But, they have all lived each moment right up until the end without anxiety. Without fear. My ol' Toffee dog ate her breakfast….best meal of the day…every meal was the best. Every biscuit was the best. Then by 12 hours later she had died from a huge tumor in her belly and she never was unhappy or scared. Just happy that I was sitting with her. Hubby did give her a shot at the end to make it easier. The point of talking about me me me is that you are so right about the furkids and their ailments as they get older. They just take everything as it comes and are much better off for it than humans are by fretting about what "might" happen. Happenings happen. I hope you feel better soon….in spite of all the happenings. ***Hugs***


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