My Latest Scheme

I may have finally figured out how to make money cat-ranching.
It would be more like cat-leasing.
And require unfortunate amounts of initial capital.

But you’d build student housing with nifty little studios or doubles.
Arranged to have shared patio areas.
Which would come with resident kitties.
Which you could adopt on leaving.
It’s the closest I’ve come to an actual entrepreneurial concept.
Which might be why I am not a business person.

In other news.

Nikki remains on his walk-about.
We had a call last night that he was seen last Wednesday (the 9th?) over by the UC dorms under a car near the dumpsters.
The nice kid was trying to see whether he had a collar, and he was not cooperating.
So we are now expanding out calling/postering in that direction.

Of course, this is assuming that she is correctly identifying the cat.
(The earlier May 24th sighting – post abduction, but wearing the Idiot Girl’s collar – is linked to this new photo by Idiot Girl.)

Idiot Girl who carried him off put this photo on the five posters near her apartment she put up, and someone who saw my posters directed me to hers.

I think Nikki looks nervous.
The I Ching I threw for him warns him against young girls.
As soon as I get my hands on the young fellow I will repeat the message.
He was originally taken from the street near his mother’s home by my Idiot Tenant girl, the one who was leaving him behind when she moved out.
Then Idiot Girl ravaged him away to the other side of Telegraph and abandoned him.
He’s just gotta stop chatting up the coeds.
Except he could let someone seeing the posters rescue him.

One problem is that I’m not sure he actually knows about coming when called.
Idiot Tenant just left him locked in her apartment alone all the time, and didn’t teach him useful skills.
(Though he did learn find-the-catfood-bag-and-feed-yourself.)
But coming when called seems to need practice and reinforcement.
My other older-adopted feral rescue kitties are also a little dim about the process, believing that responding means to come to a cautious ten feet away and see why I am yelling.
Then leave.
I’d like to believe Nikki would recognize my voice and seek me out, but I worry.
Still, we are once again at the Seen Last Week stage.

Off to make more posters.

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6 responses to this post.

  1. ((((hugs)))) hopes Nikki gets tired of walkabout soon.
    Go home, Nikki! Go home!
    I will say a prayer to St. Francis and ask that he send Nikki back to you post haste.


  2. Oh my gawd. I still want to strangle that clueless Idiot Girl. I mean it. Or lock her in an apartment with toilet water and catfood. Damn her anyway.


  3. I hope you find him. I am with Lauri on wanting to slap that idiot girl.


  4. Once Nikki is home again, we will form a posse and line up to smack Idiot Girl.


  5. Go home, Nikki! Hope he'll be home soon!


  6. With a wet glove!


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