I’ve been running around like mad

And not posting lately.

First off, I was running about enumerating people.
Which is sort of fun, in a busybody sort of way.

Then I had to take off to New York to help Sair dig her way out of her dorm room.
She’d been having the Term From Hell, but finally escaped without severe tire damage.
But I think it was a good thing I came out, cos even with the two of us it as all very last minute getting everything packed and out of the room.

Then we got back here, and Niki Cat was missing.
Almost two weeks later he still is.

We know a lot more about it now.
On May 11th a UC undergrad who shall be termed Sh*t-For-Brains, or SFB, encountered him about three blocks from home, about one block further from home than he usually goes.
She decided to rescue him.
And carried him four blocks further away from home, and kept him in her apartment for a week.

SFB put up one found poster, on the wall of a restaurant near where she’d found him.
She called the pound and described him as female, blue-eyed, and unchipped.
She tried to give him away to various friends, and failed.
She was going back home to San Diego, so she stuck him back onto the street outside her apartment – on the other side of Telegraph Avenue from here.
That was on the 17th.

I missed her pound announcement – I think it wasn’t in the book the first time I looked.
And said he was a blue-eyed girl, but her poster is him.
We finally found it when a helpful person who had seen our signs called us to tell us about it, and ask if it was the same cat.

This is SFB’s photo of Nikki from her poster, which is how we know she actually had him rather than the blue-eyed, unchipped female she reported to the pound.
Oh, and she said he had no stripes.

We have done, and continue to do, massive postering.
We have wandered the streets calling and searching for hours.
We have responded to multiple sightings – there are a fair number of Not-Him fluffy grey cats in this town, and people have been very helpful.

He may have been spotted back on this side of Telegraph on the 24th, about three blocks from home.
That caller actually owns one of the Not-Him cats we have gone to check out, and he says his cat (“The Captain”) was up on a garage roof with the cat on our poster.
I’m trying hard to believe this, and to think he may be wandering in the right direction.
Or he may have been rescued yet again.

I am checking with the pound daily.
I continue to go out calling nightly.

Oh, and Boe cat didn’t have bone cancer.
It’s squamous cell cancer, in his jaw, and probably inoperable.
He’s still fine, but his jaw is becoming misshapen, and eventually it just won’t work.
We are all kind of sad just now.

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18 responses to this post.

  1. I'm so very sorry for your troubles. You must have such achy hearts right now. I hope you find your fluffy, grey striped Niki Cat very, very soon.


  2. I am so sorry. life is hard enough without (un)helpful SFB meddling in.good mojo thoughts for Nikita Kitty.Boe. I'm speechless. the unfairness of it all is overwhelming.I know you will make his remaining time as comfortable as it can be


  3. Oh no, nothing worse than a lost cat 😦 Hope he comes home soon.SFB – well, I mean she was trying to do the right thing, but in the end failed. But she did do more than many would. No consolation I know. Awful, awful times. I've been there – newspaper ads, radio announcements, posters. And then Pumpy strolls into the house after being missing for three weeks wondering why we were so overwhelmed to see him. Fingers triple crossed for you.


  4. Aw…how sad. And that idiot who "found" the cat should be clobbered with something heavy.


  5. so sorry to hear this… hope that he finds his way back soon.


  6. *hugs* You and your kitties are in my thoughts. My heart aches for Boe. Life is so unfair.


  7. Nothing hurts like a missing cat, unless it's a sick cat. What a hard, terrible time you must be having.
    All good thoughts to you and Boe and Niki.


  8. Oh noes! I'm so sorry Lauo. Do you think this person can get chummy enough to scoop Nikki up and keep him until you get there? Cats are smart. Why walk when you can get a ride? I bet he's still hanging out with The Captain. (I would…:)
    Skritches to Boe.((( Hugs to you and Sair)))


  9. Big Hugs Lauo, so sorry for all the sad cat-news. Hope Nikki comes back to you soon. Why didn't she take him to the pound???


  10. ((((((((hugs and best wishes)))))))


  11. Hoping for a safe kitty return home. Aw man…


  12. What Laurie said, exactly.
    I can't think of any advice to offer, knowing you are very wise in the ways of cats.
    They are survivors, remember that.


  13. Have you tried any animal sites like aspca.org? I think they have contact information regarding lost animals…We have to find that handsome Niki-Cat!My best wishes to see you through your dramas…


  14. Ah, SFB says she feared the pound would euthanize him, and so decided to leave him loose instead.Sorta understand, but….Guy who saw him was calling the next day (saw cat, then saw poster).Has offered to call immediately if he sees him again.Seems like an utterly nice guy.Actually, there have been a number of extremely nice people calling – even just with advice for searching – or commenting as I put up posters.Makes me feel a little better just to see how many really sweet people there are out there.Nikki's utterly friendly and utterly bold with people and other cats.]My own belief is that someone else has rescued him.Maybe eventually he will make it to a vet or the animal shelter, and someone will read his chip.Or his rescuer will stumble upon one of the hundreds of posters.Or he will just be someone else's excellent cat.I will continue regular shelter visits, and extend range of posters, and keep thinking hopeful thoughts.Boe.He's completely comfortable, so far as I can tell.Full of sneaky Boe thoughts, and purrs, and getting Tiki food, and gushy turkey food, and babyfood.But his bottom jaw is shrinking, and the lump is growing.It's going to be a hard summer, but we're taking it a day at a time.


  15. Aw, shit. I am so sorry. I hate that kind of pain. But, I'll bet someone else has rescued him and with all the info circulating, that he will be back!As for Boe. They are so comfortable it's amazing…in most of their conditions. Thank goodness for that. Damn. Sending the best possible thoughts for Nikki and you and Boe and Sair and Tom and Tom's car. Why o why can't we just blast anti-sad bazookas at everything bad?


  16. A cat I had till about 5 years ago had a tumor in his sinuses and I watched his profile change shape as it grew. But he had had a lot more years than Boe (14), so it wasn't as heartbreaking.


  17. ((hugs and kitty vibes))


  18. *hugs* Sending good kitty back home vibes for you.


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