Breaking News on the Cat Channel

Have found a food that the Tortie Monster can eat without getting the runs.
Like magic, suddenly everything is normal.
Or relatively normal.
She still Does Not Use the Box, but we can cope with that, especially since it is now much less extremely FAIL.

Second discovery is online cat food place, since this particular brand isn’t sold locally.
Or at least not at the two closest places.
And the online place, if I keep the total weight under the maximum for the lower fixed shipping fee (so 55 pounds for $9.99), and place it as a standing order (10% off), doesn’t come out all that expensive.

Does mean I have to store vast amounts of cat food.
And think ahead.
But we’re all a whole lot less grumpy about things without utter Cat Care Horror happening four and five times a day.

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8 responses to this post.

  1. Poor li'l girlie–imagine how she felt. Her butt was prolly sore to say nothing of dehydration. What brand does she tolerate? Kitty food website??


  2. Merck Thanksgiving Dinner.No grain, no fish.Now she's pretty damn perky for a 16+ year-old cat.


  3. No moar Tortie Monster-zuma's Revenge?Me curious too. What is the new fudz? How much monies? Tortie Monster now be Tortie Monetary?OK I'll stop.


  4. Oh! Thanksgiving Dinner! hee hee, ahem.


  5. Huzzah! for the elderly Tortie monster and the rest of the family. (Suppose you had tried all locally-available no-grain no-fish fudz already)


  6. Wellness chicken also works, but she turns up her nose at it.Unless she decides to eat it, which she does at times, just to keep us guessing.So this gives us two to switch between.


  7. Wellness turkey and chicken are on the whole popular here. Except when they're not.


  8. That pretty well sums it up.With the corollary.If Tom says "Silmi really likes the Chicken Wellness," and so goes and buys a flat of it, well, you know what happens.


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