May Day Creepiness at Santa Cruz

Reported here:
It’s worth it to look at the video footage.

You see, I love Santa Cruz.
I have friends who went to UCSC, friends who teach there.
And it’s our beach town, a mellow post-hippie hunk of California tucked between the redwoods and the sea.
It doesn’t deserve this.

And downtown Santa Cruz has already had to deal with serious earthquake damages, the economic downturn. You name it.
And now they have this.
Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

If these thugs were actually politically motivated, you’d think they could find some rational target – you know, like the mega-corporations that are busy raping the environment and populace and all?
Not the trying-to-make a living folks running businesses for students and tourists in downtown Santa Cruz.

And it is just thugs.
To make it really, really, clear.
The clueless types wandering down the street, those are UCSC students looking for the dance party the flyers mentioned.
The carefully-masked hyper guys in black smashing things?
Those are criminal thugs: loony, destruction-addicted thugs.
Don’t insult any political body anywhere – even anarchists – by associating them with these creeps.
Twisted little boys who want to smash things and make them go boom don’t make political statements, they just make a mess.

More here.
Seriously folks, you’re bringing in the Workers’ paradise by smashing Peets Coffee and the Velvet Underground?
Give me a break.

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6 responses to this post.

  1. Hello..I think the Russians call this 'Hooliganism'..there is no credible poltical or more importantly human quality in stealing. The same goes for harming people unknown to one. This, in an aside, is one of my basic reasons for not wanting 'war'..wanting it taken off the 'list' of even possibles. This, as you mentioned, is not even systematic anarchy. It is totally self serving and childish..Peace Tony


  2. eep!!!


  3. I can't bring myself to watch the video, but I did read the article. Maddening. Boyfriend and I have visited Santa Cruz for the past 9-10 years, and there sure are 'types' we steer clear of, but there has been nothing like this.This year, we were considering skipping our visit, due to my limited vacation days, but maybe we should try to go. I'd love to fight back.What douchebags.


  4. So sorry lauo. Heartbreaking. I wish there was another planet for thugs, and a catapult big enough.


  5. "Pull!""THWOING"If they really want to help the proletariat, do some shopping there. If they want to protest power, go smash in a bank HQ. If they just want to do this, come out and admit "Smashing stuff is fun, so we do it in places that have mellow people and police forces so we don't have to risk ourselves."Tear up the worldwide HQ of Goldman Sachs or BP and maybe we'll respect you a bit more. But not Peet's! If you gotta attack coffee shops, at least trash a Starbucks!idiots.


  6. Oh goody! It's been a few years since I've been to Santa Cruz, so I didn't recognize things, but I am getting pretty wind up every time I see something comparable. If only because of the arrogance of some people today who have no respect for others property. And the fact that there were a lot more "innocent" people just watching it instead of stopping it. Which makes them no longer innocent bystanders in my eyes (important: I am don't think that one or two people should risk their health, only if their is a majority of "normals")


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