Tenant FAIL

Got an emergency phone call from the tenant.
The hall lights weren’t working.
He couldn’t understand the fuse box because it is apparently mysterious.
Maybe something was eating the wires.
fuss fuss fuss
Oh, and the smoke alarm was beeping too and probably it was broken.
fuss fuss fuss

Well Mr. Genius Oncologist and your I-Have-A-Home-Business-So-I’m-Very-Busy Wife.
If you put in *new* light bulbs, instead of dead ones, that usually is enough.
And doesn’t require a visit from the landlord to repair.
Ditto new battery.
Possibly this was a ploy to cause us to bring new bulbs and battery, because they actually are that penny-pinching, or possibly they are just that incompetent.

June 15th.
They leave June 15th,

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16 responses to this post.

  1. Either way, sure sounds like they're winners. Hopefully they want call you to plug the outlets into the wall.


  2. jeeezzzzz… I thought I was an annoying tenant complaining about real issues, but I've got nothing on your ones! June 15th, June 15th!


  3. Oh dear…sigh. I rented my house out when I was first living in the UK. OMG. Young married couple with small dog, sounds so good on paper. Nutters!!!!!!!! I feel you, I feel you. Soon they will be GONE. Yes. I prefer uni students hands down. They might make a mess in the yard with beer cans, but they do not worry about phoning the plumber if the damn sink is leaking, they get a frikking wrench and tighten the nut.


  4. Oh for the love of fish. Yeah, it sounds to me like they just wanted someone else to do the work. Phooey on them. June 15 will be here soon!


  5. sweet cheezits. And just think, the genius is befuddled by a light bulbs, but is supposed to understand the workings of the human body. I see a malpractice suit in the future.


  6. omg. i feel for you.


  7. yikes…! hang in there, soon they'll be gone!


  8. Oh no!Bun folks are waaaay cool.


  9. Woah, they must think you are a freakin' genius! The least they could do is act really impressed.Nuttin' worse than a fussy futz.


  10. Righty-tighty, lefty-losey!I have it mastered!


  11. They didn't check the bulbs and batteries FIRST? And I thought *I* was a bad tenant when I called out on site maintenance guys out to check my waterheater because it's outside in a big box I can't move myself and I don't touch waterheaters but it was making a hissing sound and there was water on the ground. Turned out some valve just got loosened probably by squirrels and if I could have moved the box on my own I'd probably have seen that even without knowing anything about waterheaters.


  12. : ) Sho nuff.


  13. LOL, squirrels. They were siphoning the water to their jacuzzi.


  14. Oh goodness. And you’re right…June 15th will be here before too long


  15. Is worse.He said he had done so.Otherwise I'd have just said to do that.When they moved in – is furnished – the previous tenant had left some lights with dead bulbs.There were many other complaints to deal with, like $300 worth of cleaning, and I balked at replacing all dead bulbs as well.(Mostly because I was already there, and had none with me.)So I can't help but wonder whether this was some strange bulb-extraction scam.These people are quite odd.


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